Carlsberg celebrates 2016, Probably the Best Year Ever

It's just a couple more days to Chinese New Year 2016, where we usher in the year of the Monkey. And what better way to celebrate the new year than to break a new record?

This year, Carlsberg decided to put its brand name into the Singapore book of records by painting the longest Chun Lian [春联] or Spring Couplet. For the uninitiated, a Chun Lian is a traditional red decorative piece of cloth that usually has Chinese writings or poems expressing happiness and hopeful thoughts for the coming year. Chun Lians are typically only used during the Chinese New Year period to usher in prosperity and good fortune.

So just how long is the longest Chun Lian in Singapore? Read on to find out!

Carlsberg invited accomplished Taiwanese artist-calligrapher Christina Chen to paint a series of traditional 4-character greetings on an almost never-ending red scroll at Capitol Piazza. And I had the opportunity to witness it.

Everyone was tense with excitement while we waited for the start of the event. Luckily the good people at Carlsberg knew exactly how to calm our nerves.

An ice cold can of Carlsberg does wonders for jittery nerves.

And while we're waiting, why not take a selfie?

Soon, the emcee announced the arrival of Christina and kicked off the record-breaking event. But as with all great things, there are always obstacles to overcome. And in this case, because of the record-breaking length of the Chun Lian, it could not have been made of the usual calligraphy paper, as that would be easily torn.

So instead, the red scroll was made of a thicker cloth material. And during their trial tests, they discovered that cloth is not the best material to do ink calligraphy on, as the ink does not absorb well into the material.

But guess who [or what] came to the rescue? By mixing the ink with the golden brew that is Carlsberg, they managed to get a perfect blend of golden ink that would stick well on the red scroll!

Yes, you read right, that bowl of golden blessings that you see in the picture above is a mix of calligraphy ink and Carlsberg! Who'd ever thought that Carlsberg would make brilliant calligraphy ink?

So as Christina drew out multitudes of traditional 4-character Chinese idioms with her masterful strokes, the crowd gathered round to show their support and of course to snap some photos of this record-breaking scene.

The red scroll was so long, that they needed at least 6 helpers to shift the scroll once Christina was done with 1 section of the scroll. It was literally like a never ending river of prosperity.

Although it was an extremely long scroll, Christina completed painting the entire scroll in less than half an hour! And here's a shot of the completed Spring Couplet! All 16 metres of it!

Why 16? Well, apart from breaking a record, 16 [yi liu] also represents 2016, and also sounds similar to the Chinese characters "一流" [yi liu], which means excellence, top notch or simply the best. So in the spirit of excellence, Carlsberg has released four limited edition festive cans featuring festive greetings of "一流".

You'll be able to find them exclusively in 24-can cartons of Carlsberg, with each carton containing not more than 2 limited edition designs. So head on down to your nearest super and hyper markets during this celebratory period to collect all 4 of them!

And of course, no Chinese New Year celebration would be complete without a Lion Dance performance. So staying true to the Chinese New Year spirit, we were treated to a Lion Dance performance at the plaza before heading up Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant for a beer-infused lunch.

This was also where I took part in my very first Lo Hei for 2016, a Chinese tradition where the objective is to make a mess of the table. Just kidding. It's actually celebratory dish where the higher you lift the ingredients, the greater the growth of your fortunes.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at this insta-video...

A video posted by Minutemansg (@minutemansg) on

Also, check out this awesome Boiled Seafood Soup with Carlsberg beer dish that was prepared specially for us! It was really yummy and tasteful.

So cheers to one and all. And here's wishing everyone probably the best year ahead. May you enjoy prosperity and excellent fortune for the years to come! 20一流!!! HUAT AH!!!!

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