Our first go at co-writing! N.E.mation! 10 is back again!

Having had the honor of being part of some of the previous seasons of N.E.mation!, I was obviously delighted when they offered me a chance to come back again as one of this year's ambassadors. 

N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organized by Nexus to express their thoughts on Total Defence using creative storytelling and animation! Having prior experience in animation, the finalists of all the pervious seasons of N.E.mation! Have been able to produce broadcast quality animation clips that were aired on free-to-air channels such as YouTube.

But this year, we are doing things a little differently. Instead of Mint and I taking 2 teams each, we are going to try something we have never done before. Co-writing! So I have become the back seat driver of Mint's blog www.mintleong.sg!

So we last week, we went down to Nanyang Polytechnic to met up with the students from our 2 teams, Team Cedar3 and Team ZLS. Read up what went down from the links below!

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