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Recently I was involved in helping to plan some games for the N.E.mation! 10 wrap party with Mint Leong, and we thought that a 'simple' game of charades would be something fun to do. So our theme for this game was action phrases.

However, if you are as irritating as me, you would definitely want to think of some challenging phrases which would be really funny to watch the participants try to act out.

So with the help of some of my lame and pun-ny friends, here's a list of charade phrases [All PG safe] that came after the seemingly innocent example of "Throwing a ball"...

1. Counting Rice

2. Eating noodles with a spoon [contributed by Smith Leong]

3. Washing an elephant

4. Dancing on hot coal

5. Feeding your goldfish

6. Soccer with binoculars

7. Watching paint dry

8. Swimming with whales

9. Singing with the showerhead [contributed by Smith Leong]

10. Riding a unicycle

11. Swatting flies with newspaper

12. Building a tree house

13. Being afraid of mirrors

14. Juggling 7 durians

15. Flying a UFO

16. Washing Rapunzel's hair

17. Petting a flea

18. Singing while underwater

19. Reading a dictionary

20. Queuing for Hello Kitty

21. Playing Charades

22. Looking for big foot

23. Shouting at the TV [contributed by Smith Leong]

24. Rolling in mud [contributed by Ying Zi]

25. Fighting with chopsticks [contributed by Smith Leong]

26. Walking blind dogs [contributed by Smith Leong]

27. Drying wet tissue paper

28. Singing to birds

29. Washing ice cubes

30. Drinking goat's milk

31. Cooking Sambal Chilli [contributed by Mint Leong]

32. Dyeing leg hair

33. Watching a KPOP mv [contributed by Mint Leong]

34. Synchronised sleeping [contributed by Mint Leong]

35. Studying a food menu

36. Delivering a stamp

37. Arranging sand

38. Choosing pebbles [contributed by Mint Leong]

39. Buying money

40. Colouring comic books

Oh, and while we are on the topic of N.E.mation! 10, don't forget to check out my co-written posts on about what our teams have been up to during the 2nd week of production!

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