Alphabet Soup

It's been a while since Google became a subsidiary of the Alphabet, and I had this post sitting in the my drafts for the longest time. Alphabet is probably going to acquire a couple more companies over the next few years, so I figured why don't I come up with my own list of tech companies that they might take under their wing?

Heck, maybe Alphabet's CEO may even get inspired by this listing. We might even be changing our traditional alphabet song in time to come.

A - Apple : It's Apple. Need I say more?

B - Bloomberg : Who doesn't love business news?

C - CISCO : With so much on the line, they would definitely need to invest in high-end security

D - Dropbox : Easy file-sharing for all their employees? Why not?

E - eBay : One of the largest online shopping platforms

F - Facebook : The world's most social media

G - Google : The first mover

H - Hewlett-Packard [HP] : You'll need quality hardware to support all these tech companies

I - IBM : Another trusted quality brand when it comes to hardware

J - Joomla! : A customisble CMS platform that is all the rage now

K - Kickstarter : With major investors like Warren Buffett heading the wings, a start-up investment company would definitely be a logical step

L - LINE : With so many companies and employees across so many regions, instant messaging is a must.

M - Microsoft : What? You expect all your employees to be running on LINUX?

N - Netflix : One of the world's most watched websites. 

O - Oracle : Data. Data. Data.

P - Pinterest : An interesting place to discover new places and ideas

Q - Quantcast : Who better to analyze the billions and billions of customers that you have?

R - Razer : Gamers who design for gamers.

S - Snapchat : Apart from oogling all the inappropriate snaps, it's also one of the biggest mobile photo apps in the world, and still gaining popularity.

T - Tinder : The mobile, M18 version of Sex definitely sells in the Internet.

U - Uber : Transport won't be a problem if you have so all the Uber drivers and taxis at your disposal

V - Virgin : The Virgin group of companies never fail to excite with their less-than-normal ways

W - Whatsapp : Another mobile instant messaging app that is vital for constant communication

X - Xerox : 3 words. Printing and copying

Y - YouTube : The world's biggest free to air video channel, where you can literally find a video about ANYTHING

Z - Zuji : Company trips? Team building? Achievement vacations? Where better to go to find cheap flights and accommodation?

If Alphabet starts buying up these companies, I'm definitely going to invest in their stocks...