Sponsored Post: Tiger Beer's Unofficial Official SG50 Party

It's not a party until the booze starts flowing. And who better to throw an unofficial official SG50 party than Singapore's unofficial official local beer? This year, Tiger Beer is going no holds barred by throwing its own epic National Day party, and letting the people decide on what they want to see at the party.

Still confused? No worries, watch this video and everything will be explained faster than you can say "It's Tiger Time".

Be part of the largest crowd-sourced party of SG50 by visiting Tiger Beer's Unofficial Official SG50 Party Microsite and voting for your favourite party highlights, or even contributing your own awesome ideas. Imagine a unique and crazy party with a truly local flavour where you get to decide on the attractions!

Held at the newly-refurbished, iconic Capitol Theatre. party-goers can expect crazy builds ranging from giant "Chope tissue packet" beanbags to chilli crab fountains to ice kachang sculptures. The possibilities are endless! You name it, they build it.

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Tiger Beer's Unofficial Official SG50 Party Microsite and start voting now! Voting closes on 19 July, and that's the only way you'll be able to get yourself tickets to the most coveted SG50 party of the year!

Not a fan of online voting? No worries. Tiger Beer has you covered. Those above the age of 18 can head on down to the 2 mobile polling stations located at Knightsbridge on 4 July or One Raffles Place on 9 July and cast your votes there!

And as if that wasn't enough, as the sweet topping on your ice ka-chang, the party will be headlined by not one, but two international music acts! Get ready to party to catchy party anthems performed by The Griswolds, a 4-piece indie-rock band hailing from Sydney, Australia!

To blow the roof off the house, Tiger Beer has also brought in a surprise international music act! Here's a hint: They are an internationally-celebrated British alternative band. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the great reveal!

I already know what I'm voting for [and most of them are food-related]. What do you want to see at the party? Head on down to Tiger Beer's Unofficial Official SG50 Party Microsite and start voting now!

Going out in style

Image take from google search

Quite some time ago, some of my friends and I had a conversation on what would be the coolest way to go. And by go, we meant "cause of unnatural death". As we were seated in the banquet hall, the very first contribution [and still my favourite] was "Death by falling chandelier".

So last night, I decided that I should build a list of the coolest and wackiest ways to kick the bucket that would probably get you remembered for life. America has "101 ways to leave a gameshow". Let's make "101 ways to leave this world". And apparently, many of these have happened in real life... Wow. Just. Wow.

1.Death by falling chandelier

2. Death by falling fruit [coconut/durian/jackfruit etc]

3. Death by brainfreeze [definitely a cooool way to go]

4. Death by being run over by an ambulance [oh the irony]

5. Death by fatroll suffocation

6. Death by birthday surprise [e.g. heart attack]

7. Death by blunt trauma from a spoon

8. Death by choking on a cockroach [that's just gross]

9. Death by flying fire hydrant [ouch]

10. Death by winning the lottery [pretty much the same as no. 6]

11. Death by choking on your wedding cake [maybe that's why fake ones are more popular these days]

12. Death by a cow falling through your roof [Probably tried to jump over the moon and failed]

13. Death by demonstration of unbreakable window glass

14. Death by drowning in human waste [yucks]

15. Death by dancing yourself to death

16. Death by golf club impalement [who says golf is a boring game?]

17. Death by sexhaustion [probably the best way to go] - contributed by Goh Yong Wei

18. Death by semen drowning [sperm bank robbers?] - contributed by Kiyomi

What other awesome ways would you like to go out with a bang with? Comment below and I'll add them to the list [with proper credits of course]

And here's a cool song about it if you prefer cartoons: