The Minute Man's Bedroom Workout Routine

Every now and then, some of my friends will ask me "Wah... You so fit. Got work out one ah?"

And my usual reply to them would be "No, lah. Just some simple routines at home."

You know you don't have a license to boast about your body when you have friends that look like this...

Zhou Jiahui
Image taken from my fit-zai friend's facebook page

Now you know why I always say I'm not that fit. I don't have bulging muscles like Jiahui, but I do try my best to keep myself lean and fit.

When exercise comes to mind, many people prefer to head to the gym. But personally, I prefer to 'gym' in the comfort of my own home, and in fact, in the comfort of my own bedroom. I know many exercise gurus will be flaming me for this, but to each his own. I'm not looking to become the next Mr Olympia, so I don't really need those weights that simulate carrying a small female human. My own body-weight is good enough resistance for a simple workout to keep fit and lean.

And I'm not down-playing anything when I say simple routines. My routine consists of sets of 4 simple exercises that you can easily do on a single bed. All you need is a good sized body towel, some good workout music, your bed, and you're ready to go!

Everyone knows that the most important muscles to train up for a guy are his chest, biceps and abs. [oh those abs...]. So almost all my exercises concentrate on these muscles together with the getting a strong core.

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert, nor a personal trainer. These are just the exercises that I find work for me. I may even be doing them wrongly, but this is just a post to share on what works for me. Give it a try if you like it, or if you don't, feel free to treat this as some random ramblings.

I use the stopwatch function on my phone as a timer, and that's why you can see my phone in many of the pictures below.

Exercise 1: Bridge to push-ups (4 Reps of 1 minute, with 30 seconds rest in between)

Start with the standard bridge position, with your palms downs and your elbows apart at shoulder-width. One hand at a time, place your palm at where your elbow was. Once you are done with both hands, you should be in a push-up position. Hold this position for about 0.5 to 1 second, then reverse the action to go back into a bridge position and hold for about 0.5 to 1 second. Repeat for 1 minute.

[I forgot to put the phone while recording this, but it is usually at the top of my towel, in front of my face]

(Take a 1 minute break after you're done with 4 reps)

Exercise 2: Full activation Sit-ups (4 Reps of 1 minute, with 30 seconds rest in between)

Start with your back fully rested on the bed, and lift your body up to a 90 degree angle. The good thing about holding your phone during this exercise is that you can treat it as a fixed point. When you go up, try to make your biceps touch your forearms. Hold this position for 0.5 to 1 second.

Recline backwards but keep your upper back off the bed. This will help to keep your abs and core activated even in the 'down' position. Extend your arms fully and stretch out. Hold this position for 0.5 to 1 second. Repeat for 1 minute.

(Take a 1 minute break after you're done with 4 reps)

Exercise 3: The Air-Chair Lift (4 reps of 15 seconds, with 30 seconds rest in between)

Start by sitting yourself at the edge of your bed. Use your arms to lift your entire body off the bed, balancing and supporting yourself only on your arms. While in this position, try to straighten your legs as much as possible. Hold this position for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, sit down and relax on the bed for 30 seconds. Repeat for 4 reps.

[I usually place my phone/timer standing directly in front of me on the desk. It's where my eyes are looking]

(Take a 1 minute break after you're done with 4 reps)

Exercise 4: The slow push-up (As many as you can for 1 minute)

Start with the standard push-up position, but with your palms about 1.5 times of your shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back as straight as you can, bring your body as close to the ground as possible, without your head or chest touching the ground. Your elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for 0.5 to 1 second. Push yourself back up and hold this position for 0.5 to 1 second. Repeat as many times as you can for 1 minute.

[Had to do this in the living room for recording purposes as there was no camera angle to capture my full body at the usual spots where I would do it in my bedroom]

And that's it. 4 simple exercises to complete 1 set of The Minute Man's Bedroom Workout Routine! And 1 full set would take you only about 15 minutes to complete. The key is to not rush through the exercises, but to do it slowly and correctly. It's ok if you only manage to complete 10 sit-ups within 1 minute, as long as you do it right, and focus on feeling the muscles being activated while doing it.

And that is also another reason why I don't do a fixed number, but in sets of 1 minute. [Apart from calling it The Minute Man's routine] On some days you will be a little weaker so it's ok to do less, but on days when you got the mood and feel like a monster, go all out and kill it in that 1 minute!

Here's my recommended workout schedule for starters: (This is how I started too)
Week 1: 2 sets on alternate days
Week 2: 2 sets every day
Week 3: 3 sets on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun, 2 sets on Tues/Thurs/Sat
Week 4: 3 sets every day
Week 5 and beyond: Minimum 3 sets every day, go as hard as you want!

My ultimate aim is to get back the body I had 2 years ago... Yes, this body was achieved just by doing this workout everyday, without any changes to my [unhealthy] diet or any additional protein shakes or weight gainers. Jiayou everyone!

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