Oh Brother!

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[No, this is not an advertorial for Printers]

"Hey Bro!"

"How are you doing Bro!"

"Bro can help me do this and that?"

"Waaaa... Bro like that one meh?"

Seems that nowadays, the word "Bro" is being thrown about more often then insulting cuss words.


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To me, a Bro(ther) is someone who understands you inside out. Someone who you can depend on in the most dire of situations. Someone who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty with you and for you. Someone who will willingly lend you his last dollar without question.

Not somebody who I haven't been in contact with for 5 years and just sent me a facebook message.

Somehow, today's society has dragged this term through the mud, rinsed it with elephant diarrhea and blow-dried it with an ogre's bad breath. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is calling everyone else their "Bro".

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This is not a Bro Fist.
This is my fist heading towards your nose if you call every guy that has a penis your "Bro".

For me, the title "Bro" is reserved for a very exclusive group of guys in my life, who I know I can trust with my life. Like when your blood-sister calls you her Brother. Or like the bond these 2 have.

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I'm not saying you can't call me Bro. I respect that everyone has their own freedom of speech and can call me whatever-the-hell the want to. I'm just saying I won't reciprocate the title to you if I feel you don't deserve it.

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