Fancy a scare this Halloween? Test your grit at Museum of Horrors V: The Relic

Are you afraid of the dark? How much of a scare-dy cat are you? If you are feeling foolish brave enough, head on down to the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic at *Scape The Ground Theatre for a *fun* time. Test your guts [and anticipation skills] while walking through this House of Horrors, and you just might find yourself letting out a few screams.

This is the fifth year running that Scape has hosted the Museum of Horrors and they seem to be getting better at it.

The experience doesn't just start inside the Theatre, even as you approach scape, you might notice a few extra 'shoppers' in the usually busy and bustling bazaar area.

If you are someone like me, who likes a good scare but hates queuing up for 2 hours just for a 15 minute walk, the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic may just be the place for you. The scares inside the Museum are much scarier than the queue outside. At least you can still see the where the queue ends from the front of the queue. [Which may not be the same at some other scare venues]

And of course it's always more fun to go with a group of friends. Not because you can huddle to together in fear, but rather because you can get one person to stay in the queue while the rest of the group runs off to take photos with the other exhibits around the queuing area.

Leave one of your friends in the queue and have some fun taking selfies with some of the props that don't look too scary when the lights are on. But in the dark, they may become your worst nightmare.

Brought my sister along because it's always more fun to have someone in the group who would easily be scared by these kind of horror houses.

As they say, break a limb. But don't take it too literally.

Who's afraid of the big bad spider? None of us apparently.

Oh they even had the Anabelle doll exhibit in a glass case by the side of the entrance. This was one of the 2 replica dolls that are making their way around Singapore to help promote the movie.

How's my replica of the replica?

So anyway, we didn't have to wait very long before it was our turn to walk into a dimly lit room with nothing but a table and an LCD monitor, as the doors slammed shut behind us. After a short video, we were allowed to proceed into the Museum of Horrors.

I won't reveal any thing much about the journey inside, as it is always the most fun to go in unprepared. All I can say is there were a couple of scare zones that really caught me off guard, and the unknown to many, there is actually a 3D section inside where you need to put on 3D glasses too.

The entire walk it isn't just creepies jumping out of nowhere to scare you. There are also some zones where the creepies are just sitting there in your face and you have to walk past them to get to the next area.

And after about 10 to 15 minutes inside, we managed to make it out alive. 
The final verdict? Scare factor 3.5 / 5

The Museum of Horrors V: The Relic iss definitely an enjoyable walk if you like surprises and scares. Scaredy-cats will still manage to survive this walk, but not by much. And here's a tip: The creepies can smell your fear. The more afraid you are, the more they will be attracted to you.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I did let out just 1 girly, high-pitched scream throughout the entire walk. But that was only because one of the creepies decided to present that same scream right in my face, and I felt obligated to return him the favour. #fearless #SingaporeKindnessMovement

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends [or scaredy-cat enemies] and head on down to the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic at *Scape The Ground Theatre for a scaring good time. Tickets can be purchased from Oh and enter the promo code "MINUTEMAN" to get 25% off the standard ticket price! Good things are meant for sharing!

Oh, and interestingly enough, we spotted a real floating enigma outside of the museum. Maybe it was a figment of our imagination? I wonder...

Oh Brother!

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[No, this is not an advertorial for Printers]

"Hey Bro!"

"How are you doing Bro!"

"Bro can help me do this and that?"

"Waaaa... Bro like that one meh?"

Seems that nowadays, the word "Bro" is being thrown about more often then insulting cuss words.


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To me, a Bro(ther) is someone who understands you inside out. Someone who you can depend on in the most dire of situations. Someone who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty with you and for you. Someone who will willingly lend you his last dollar without question.

Not somebody who I haven't been in contact with for 5 years and just sent me a facebook message.

Somehow, today's society has dragged this term through the mud, rinsed it with elephant diarrhea and blow-dried it with an ogre's bad breath. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is calling everyone else their "Bro".

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This is not a Bro Fist.
This is my fist heading towards your nose if you call every guy that has a penis your "Bro".

For me, the title "Bro" is reserved for a very exclusive group of guys in my life, who I know I can trust with my life. Like when your blood-sister calls you her Brother. Or like the bond these 2 have.

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I'm not saying you can't call me Bro. I respect that everyone has their own freedom of speech and can call me whatever-the-hell the want to. I'm just saying I won't reciprocate the title to you if I feel you don't deserve it.

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