I have been Smithed as the Best 1 Minute Blog!

Pop the champagne!
Blast the party poppers!
Release the confetti!
Bring out the topless girls!

I've recently been smithed as the the Best 1 Minute Blog in the Smith's Choice Most Awesome Blog Awards by the grand smith-ther himself, Smith Leong.

It doesn't matter that there are no cash/product prizes, no fancy award ceremony and no physical trophy that comes with this award. The most important thing is that this award has advocated to me that apart from the stuffed teddy bears and plastic dinosaurs, there is at least 1 non-non-living thing who is reading my nonsensical blog posts from time to time.

My typical blog readers
Image taken from google search here and here

Since we are on the topic of how I've recently been affiliated with the word "minute", let's take a step back in time to find out why I actually coined myself as "The Minute Man".

When I first got together with my babygirl Mint Leong, I had already stopped blogging for quite some time. Yes, for those of you who have been following my posts, you would know that I used to blog at anyhowblogs.blogspot.com a very looooooooonnnnggg time ago.

She forced inspired me to come back to blogging and suggested that I think of a new moniker for myself. After thinking long and hard for a minute or 2, [and scrapping name like tinyman, mrSmall and some others] we finally decided on "The Minute Man".

Minute [My-Nute], not minute [Me-Nit]. As in:

But throughout all the events and meetups that I went to, people started to call me the Minute [Me-Nit] Man even though I introduced myself as the Minute [My-Nute] Man. So I ended up going with the flow and eventually the name kinda stuck.

Image taken from Google search here and here

On hindsight, being called the Minute [My-Nute] Man would probably not have worked out too well either. So I guess The Minute [Me-Nit] Man was the lesser of two evils. And hey, at least it's always a real good conversation starter!

But rest assured this blog won't be another "Gone in 60 Seconds" blog, 'cause I'm definitely here to stay humans.

P.S. Check out my new "Best 1 Minute Blog" fancy sticker on the right column!

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