Top 10 Most Unknown Bloggers in Singapore

Recently there seems to be many "Top 10/20/50/100 XXXXX Kinds of Singapore People" and similar lists popping up all over the Internet. There was the Top 50 Singapore Bloggers, Singapore's Top 100 People To Know Online and probably a few more coming up.

I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Singapore Blog Awards 2014 is just around the corner, but jumping on the bandwagon, I decided to come up with a top 10 list of my own.

But of course, being the irritating and nonsensical type of person that I am, I definitely wouldn't just go for the typical top 10 Best/Worse/Most/Least Popular/Fantastic/Smartest/Beautiful/Handsome etc People. After a long and intense deliberation between Me, Myself and I, we finally came up with the perfect list... We now present to you...

Popularity on social media often fluctuates. For bloggers, it is a constant fight to achieve a steady rise in their readership and loyal following. It is always the question of "how can we put a tangible value on the amount of fame and fellowship anyone has on social media?"

HMMM [Hilariously Misguided Minuteman Marketing], powered by The Minute Man SG [did you just link your homepage to your own homepage?], is a site that provides analytical insights on websites based on unique views across the past 3 months, to come up with a global ranking system.

**Disclaimer: Although this may be the furthest we can get to a real ranking of the Singapore bloggers (to the best of our knowledge) in Singapore, do note that this is not a conclusive study of ALL Bloggers in Singapore. These rankings are based on absolutely nothing at all and were plucked directly from the sky. Certain bloggers might have been left out intentionally but rest assured it was done on purpose!

So are you ready?

The HMMM is proud to present to you the Top 10 Most Unknown Bloggers in Singapore!

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You have definitely seen his comics around. But did you know that the creator of the widely popular CHEW ON IT! comic strip has his own blog? You'll find many familiar buck-toothed characters in his blog posts, and you might even come across comics that were rejected by his clients.

But behind this blog lies an even more meaningful thought. Chew is seeking for constant donations to support Phung Thien Nhan, a young Vietnamese boy who was abandoned at birth and left to die. Read up more about this valiant effort on his blog!

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Someone who had recently rose to fame/infamy [depending on which side of the fence you are on] with his political fight with PM Lee himself. Roy Ngerng has a lesser known blog where he is openly gay, and openly voices his opinions on issues regarding the other other side of the fence.

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A cool and artsy initiative where the owner/owners of the blog draw up cute and meaningful quotes on sticky notes and leave them to whatever fate they my have at different random locations in sunny Singapore. They even have their own little shop and managed to publish their own book!

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If pretty, sexy, young things are your cup of tea, don't forget to check out Elaine Yui. This 19 year old's blog is full of visually attractive photos of herself, and would definitely brighten up any Beng's / Ex-Beng's day. Judging by the way she poses even in her "normal" photos, I'm guessing she's probably a model too. See, sometimes photo spam blogs aren't that bad. And just in case you're interested, sorry boys, she's already taken.

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How can you not love pet blogs? Follow Sam Forest Loo Lim, the ABCD [American Born Chinese Dog] and his friend Pecan [and their loyal photographer] as they go about their daily adventures. They seem to be having a better life than most of us humans out there.

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We all know how much taxi uncles love to complain and complain about anything and everything under the sun. Well, this 67 year old cabby took it one step further and started his own blog. And I must say I'm pretty impressed at the quality of his posts [although wordy]. Check out his blog to find out more about the ramblings of a Singaporean Cabby.

Image taken from his blog


Just like how we entertain live cockroaches by jumping around like a clown on drugs, this dead cockroach is massively entertaining not just on his blog, but on his twitter and instagram accounts too. I'm still quite amazed that he is still not a prominent figure in the Singapore social media circles yet even though he has more than 10 years of blogging under his belt. P.S. He's kind of an enigma. I've yet to see his real face yet.


Thiang is lady with a very unique sense of style and an exquisite eye for catching one of a kind items. This Harry Potter fan has pretty interesting stuff going on on her blog. Remember to check out her various posts on her Big Bang Wedding held recently.


Voted as one of the finalist for the JBL Best Pop/Music Blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013, Deborah Tan went from a nobody to a somebody almost overnight. But surprisingly, still not many humans know about her awesome music blog. Or that she mixes her own songs. Or that she performs at concerts. Let's #supportLocalTalent


This awesome blogger started blogging a long time ago, quit blogging for some time, and came back to the blogging world after being influenced by his blogger girlfriend. He usually blogs about nonsensical things in the context of his own weird, twisted logic. He writes awesome content but yet is still very much unknown in today's blogosphere.