10 Types of Gamers that you meet in every Online Game

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Gamers. You either hate them or love them. [Probably because you are a gamer yourself]

In this world of technological advancements, where the real and virtual worlds are getting closer and closer to each other, it's no wonder we find more and more people tagging themselves as "Gamers". In fact, the term "Gamers" in general refers to someone who plays video games or board games.

As I am only a novice in board games, [My only board game achievement is that I can win a Reversi game with all slots on the board having only my colour] this post is about those "Video Gamers" who play games any form of computerized device: PCs, Consoles, Smartphones Tablets etc.

Everyone has played some form of computer games during some age of their life. It doesn't matter whether you grew up in the single-player-console generation, the physically-beat-up-my-brother-if-he-wins-me-double-player-console generation or the massive-multiplayer-online-swear-word-spamming generation, you were sure to know a few of these gamers. Especially so if you have played any one of the Some of you may even be a few of these types put together!

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1. The Casual Gamer
Personally I feel that this person doesn't really qualify to even call himself a "Gamer", but we'll just put him in for comparisons sake. He plays the game once in a while, isn't very good at it, and doesn't really intend to master [or even complete] the game. He probably leads a very normal life, with a good mix of work time, family time, friends time and sexy time... Damn, on second thought, that doesn't sound too bad either.

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2. The Hard-working Average Joe
The game is his drug. Every second that he is awake, he needs to be on the game. His whole life is about the game and nothing else. A typical day in his life goes something like this:

9 a.m. - Wake up / Wash up / Turn on PC or Laptop
9.30 a.m. - Start Gaming
1.00 p.m. - Break for Lunch
1.30 p.m. - Continue Gaming
Somewhere in the middle - Toilet break
7 p.m. - Break for Dinner
7.30 p.m. - Continue Gaming
Somewhere in the middle - Toilet break
2 a.m. - Sleep

Although he puts in massive amounts of time and effort, this person will probably still not become a somebody in the game. That's because he basically isn't the one with the most smarts or reflexes in the entire game. So he will probably end up as one of the thousands of high level players that no one actually knows. Which is kinda sad.

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3. The Gender-Bender
Cross-dressing in today's real world is pretty much a taboo and no normal human would even think of trying it out. However, in the virtual world it is a totally different ball game [pun intended] all together, especially with many games out there allowing the user to choose the gender of his/her character.

Some ladies prefer to act as male characters so that they don't get spammed by 8,725,361 in-game friend requests just by walking halfway through a crowded town. But on the opposite end of the park, there are also many guys who love to go through the game as a female character. And if you think about it, the perks are awesome.

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Firstly, in a typical MMORPG game, the female characters are usually modeled after hourglass-figured models with slim legs and ample bosom. And if that isn't enough to entice the mainly male gaming population, the armors and attire of these characters usually show more and more skin as their level increases. Which of course makes no sense at all.

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Secondly, because of the mainly male gaming population, a female character pretty much gets all the perks in the world, just by having [virtual] boobs.

Burly Male character: "Sorry, can I join your raid party? I don't have anyone to party with :("
Male Party Leader: "Sorry dude, we're full."

Sexy Female character: "Sorry, can I join your raid party? I don't have anyone to party with :("
Male Party Leader: "Well, I guess we can still take 1 more..."

Burly Male character: "Could u sell me this item at a cheaper price pleaseeeeeeee?"
Item-selling Player: "Look. I told you. It's this amount and no less. Take it or leave it."

Burly Male character: "Could u sell me this item at a cheaper price pleaseeeeeeee?"
Item-selling Player: "Errrrr..................... Ok. Just because your sexy ;)"

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4. The Scientist
This gamer has studied the game like a book. Practically knowing every single formula in the game, be it how the game calculates the percentage chance of an upgrade being successful, to the optimal skill level for the best manacost-to-damage ratio. He knows that you gain 1.25 gold per second and the average spawn timing of a boss is 16 minutes and 52 seconds, and sets an alarm to remind him too.

All his knowledge is gained from hours of sifting through changelogs, forums and technical discussions with his fellow game scientists. He's the type of person who you would love to have on your team, because of his extensive knowledge of the game mechanics, but at the same time can't stand the complicated and complex questions and discussions brought forward by him.

However, having massive amounts of knowledge does not always translate to him being an awesome player in the game, as most games still require a certain amount of quick-thinking, ninja-like reflexes and balls of steel.

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5. The Perfectionist
This person has to kill every. single. monster in a dungeon. Miss one out and for the next 15 minutes, he will be blaming the team for his ultimate loss of that extremely rare item that the runaway monster might have dropped if we had killed him.

Do a raid or dungeon run with this person and all you need to do is to miss a door, skip killing a low level irrelevant monster or not stand at the exact best position to be standing in, and you can be sure that the next moment, your mum suddenly becomes a prostitute, your dick shrinks in size, and you should delete your account and uninstall the game.

Therefore, for obvious reasons, this type of gamers do not have many in-game friends, and typically prefers to do things by himself.

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6. The Mr Fancy Pants A.K.A. Mr Deep Pockets
He lives by the motto "I do not have anything. I only have money." This gamer is easily identified by his flashy equipment, special highlighted chat text and extremely unique pets/rides. They make people go "Wow!" everywhere they walk.

These are usually gamers who are already working adults who are earning a decent enough income to justify throwing money on digital items, that most of the time, enhances the in-game visual appearance of his character and nothing else. [Or a child that has gotten access to his parents' credit card number]

They feed on the praise and excitement from the non-paying gamers at the expense of a couple of dollars per month.

7. The mIRC Late Bloomer
mIRC? What's that? The 90s generation kids would probably know that mIRC [which is a popular software for the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) era] was the hippest way to communicate with all your friends in #channels and even send embarrassing private confessions to your crush [nicknamed seexyGal92].

But this gamer seems to this MMORPG games serve the same purpose as the now defunct IRC chatrooms. He can be found standing in a monster free town for seemingly hours on end, not moving a single virtual muscle, happily chatting away with is guild members.

His character may have just leveled up from level 1 to level 2 after just 2 active months into the game, but he knows every single one of your guild member's real name, occupation and favourite colour. That's some scary shit right there.

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8. The Boyfriend's Girlfriend
This is usually [but at times still not] a real female person. Because she has gotten sick and tired of complaining to her boyfriend about his gaming habits, she has decided to join in the game to see what the fuss is all about. [Either that or to spot check on whether her boyfriend is having an online affair with a girl who he has never actually seen or heard before]

Whatever the case, she is usually the "princess" of the group, being well protected by the boyfriend's online brothers, and of course the boyfriend himself. She maybe a high level character with quite an impressive arsenal of armors and weapons, but in actual fact they were all donated by her [now almost naked] boyfriend's character.

Girlfriend: Dear, this equipment looks so nice! I want!
Boyfriend: But dear, it isn't useful for your character and in fact causes negative effects on your character! And I don't have enough gold for this useless item either!
Girlfriend: But it's so shiny and nice! Dearrrrrr.......
Boyfriend: *Grumbling in the background* *Ka-ching!*

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9. The Mime
Everyone has seen him around the game somewhere. He goes about his business swiftly and silently like a well-seasoned ninja. But the thing is... No one has heard him speak [or chat]. He may use some of the in-game communication functions like pings or map icons, but never has anyone seen him type a single word in the chat window.

To keep in theme with this type of gamer, that's pretty much everything I can say about him...

10. And then ... [I've saved the best for last...] there's this guy:


So which of these gamers have you encountered before in your gaming life? And which ones can you relate to?

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