Do We Create Our Own Luck?

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So I read about an article about "Scientific Proof" that we humans create our own luck.

However, I kind of have to disagree with the author on this one. I do believe that some people are definitely luckier than others.

I agree with the author that everyone needs to put in some amount of effort for a chance meeting to turn into something more rewarding, and that nothing will happen if you don't follow up on that opportunity. But that's juts what it is. An opportunity. To me, that opportunity does not constitute as a lucky break.

An opportunity is something that may have a chance to develop into something much more, depending on the actions taken by those individuals after that opportunity arose.

But good old luck on the other hand, is the series of following events that happen once the individuals cannot do anything more to influence the outcome of the situation.

A very simple example would be buying a lottery ticket. Once you have bought the ticket, there is nothing more you can do to increase the chances of that ticket winning you the jackpot prize. [Unless of course you are somehow able to rig the results such that your ticket will be the winning ticket. But then again, you would first need to be presented with the opportunity to do so...]

Buying more tickets does increase your total chances of striking the big one, but the chances of each ticket being the winning ticket stays the same, even as the number of tickets increases. So in actual fact, buying more tickets is only increasing your opportunity to strike it big, and is not increasing your luck.

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Some humans can spend their entire fortune buying lottery tickets, only to come up with a measly few consolation prizes. Others on the other hand, can just randomly buy 1 ticket and turn into an overnight millionaire.

Unfortunately for me, I have the luck of some humans. Quoting an experiment that I posted on my now-defunct blog, I proved to myself that the sexy lady luck didn't really have a liking for me:

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How was your Chinese New Year celebrations? There's this old saying that always holds true about the various races in Singapore...

When Malays get together, they eat and chat.
When Indians get together, they sing and dance.
When Ang Mohs get together, they drink and party.
When Chinese get together, they gamble.

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And unluckily for me, I have the hands of a god... A luckless god that is. Every year during Chinese New Year, I will definitely have to donate some money at the gambling table. Not once did I ever leave the table with more money in my pocket than I started with. And I'm definitely sure it's not my gambling skills that are letting me down. And it's definitely not due to greediness because I bet the same amount every game. Maybe this is my retribution for not donating any money to those beggars on the streets. [I still don't see a reason to!!]

Anyway, to prove to myself, and everybody else that I have the luck of the Leprechaun, I did a little experiment during my free time. Spreading the deck of cards face down on the table, I randomly picked 5 cards in hope of getting the BIG cards I.E. 8 and above. And this was what I came up with...

Did the exact same thing with the remaining cards, this time hoping to get SMALL cards I.E. 7 and below, and guess what...

As you can see, this is the real reason why I donate money on the gambling table every year. I've become so famous among my family members that they even dub me the "Banker of the Year" this year. Great. Now I have another funky nickname.

So as you can see, I have never been one to count my blessings [because I seldom have any success with pure luck], but on the other hand, I still consider myself quite successful in life. A living testament that one still can be well-off enough without having to rely on lady luck. Strive to be the best you can be, and luck will present itself to you in the form of opportunities.