Gender Equality: An Unrealistic Dream

Just a couple of days ago, I noticed a female teen student having a little fun with her friend. While her friend was happily sipping away at the water cooler, with a cheeky smile on her face, she playfully hid behind the corner of the wall, presumably getting ready to give her friend a cheeky surprise.

I didn't stick around to watch the entire episode unfold, but that got me thinking. This entire scenario only worked because both students were female. Because the students were females, the whole atmosphere had a cheeky, playful and cute feel to it.

But if the same scenario would have happened with a male student of the same age, I'm pretty sure the same people around them would not use the same words to describe it. Instead of "cheeky", "playful" and "cute", it would probably have been "childish", "immature" and "bo liao".

Same same, but different?

In the same light, when ladies wear men's clothes, nobody bats an eyelid. But when a man wears ladies clothes, everyone looks at him as if they've just seen a ghost.

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So what's all this fuss about gender equality? It's obvious that there's no such thing as gender equality in our society, no matter how much we try to make it seem like we advocate it.

It's normal for men to hit on girls in the clubs and pubs, but when a lady hits on the guys, she is deemed as desperate.

It's normal for men to have unshaven armpits, arms and legs, but a lady who does the same is mocked as a hairy gorilla.

It's normal for ladies to go out with thick make-up, but when a man does that, he is either crazy or gay.

It's normal for ladies to slap a man for molesting her, but when a man slaps a lady for molesting him, he is found guilty of abuse.

And the list goes on and on.

So it really seems that Gender Equality is truly beyond our grasps. This is the result of social expectations. And we all know that expectations are always different from person to person, let alone trying to generalize expectations for half of the world's population against the other half.

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The only realistic dream that any society can hope for is Fairness in Expectations. And again, these expectations should not be between 2 genders, but instead between 2 parties. As long as both parties agree to the expectations put forward by the other, this is as fair as it can get. And for the rest of us not involved in this agreement, we should all learn not to judge.

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