N.E.Mation!8 Downtown Picnic and the Rally Calls!

On 18 January 2014, we went for our first picnic of 2014! There was food, drinks, friends and definitely lots of fun, but this was no ordinary picnic. This was the N.E.Mation!8 Urban Picnic where the final videos of all the 10 final teams were released for public viewing and voting for the first time! 

If you haven't already read about the sweat and blood that the final 10 teams had to go through to get here, catch up now by reading my previous posts here:




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After all that hard work, it was only fitting that the official release of their hard work be done with a bang! So, Babygirl and I stocked up on lots of snacks and made our way down to the open space at the National Library Building for our very first Urban Picnic. In fact, we didn't know what to expect either!

When we arrived, the concrete floor of the open space was literally splashed with red and blue picnic mats, seemingly inviting the public to take a seat and just enjoy the carnival atmosphere. There was even  a giant video screen backdrop set up on the stage area so that everyone could enjoy the videos in their full glory.

There was even a live band providing good music and a balloon sculptor making incredible balloon thingamajigs for everyone. [See if you can spot the balloon dinosaur later on]

When we got there, the area was already abuzz with activity. Each team had a table booth set up and were excitedly promoting their videos. Many of them even brought along friends and family to aid in their cause! That's what it's all about right? Because we all play a part.

The teams proudly walked through the process of how the arrived at their final videos with the friends and families crowded around each booth. It didn't take much effort to spot hear my bubbly girls from #NE8C10 Team WayneStarckCo and find their booth.

Gill and Jee were hard at work "promoting" their team with their self-made flyers...

And of course, how could the shareholders of WayneStarkCo not do their part to promote their team?

They even had their storyboard and some experiences of working with the animation software laid out neatly on their booth!

I bet you can't wait to take a look at their final product... But you'll just have a wait a little longer... [Or at least till the end of this post]

My boys from #NE8C04 Team Hashtag were no the other side of the picnic area and were busy doing their own marketing and promotion. In line with their National Service themed video, they were handing out flyers that were quite commanding.

I think you better do what the Sargent says...

The boys from Team Hashtag also had their storyboard available for viewing on their booth.

And they even had a self-made stand to let people know who they were!

The teams took turns to be called up to the main stage by power 98 DJs, Mister Young and Jacqui, with their special guests Professor Jia Jia and big Bro! Each team was asked a few questions about their videos and team, before showcasing their final production video on the big screen on stage for all to see!

Here's our boys from Hashtag...

And our girls from WayneStarkCo...

Now, it's finally time to take a look at the videos!

Here's Every Man's Journey by team Hashtag, #NE8C04

And how we are all Quilted Together by team WayneStarkCo, #NE8C10

How's that for impressive? And don't forget all this was done in the span of 3 weeks, with many of the students having almost no experience in animation prior to N.E.Mation!8. Great job teams!!

Vote Now and Win some awesome prizes!

But wait! We're not done yet! The teams NEED your all important votes! The final results are comprised 50% from a judging panel comprising of industry professionals, as well as 50% from public voting! [Yes, that means you!]

Why should you vote, you ask? Well, apart from the fact that it's FREE and it also shows our support for the teams and their efforts, you could also stand a chance to win these awesome prizes!!

Photo Courtesy of N.E.Mation!8

What!? iPad Air and iPad Mini? Yup. You read it right. So come on! Head on down to N.E.Mation!8 webpage and check out the videos from all 10 teams. After that you can cast your vote on your favourites in 4 different ways:

Photo Courtesy of N.E.Mation!8

Remember, you have to select your 3 favouritest [no such word kiddos] videos and vote for them through any one of the channels above! Oh, and did I mention that you can vote once through each channel? This means that you can vote once through the website, once through the mobile site, once through the facebook app and once via SMS. That means you actually get not 1, but 4 chances to win those awesome prizes!

So what are you waiting for? Get voting now! The last day to vote is 15 February 2014!

I would also like to take this chance to wish all my readers and all the finalists in this year's N.E.Mation!8 good luck and a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year too! Huat Ah!!!!

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