The Problem with Kids These Days

Recently I had a Facebook post about some inconsiderate family on the MRT that showed both the good and bad side of our society. This post also garnered quite a number of likes and comments.
[My average is about 5 likes and comments per post only ok! Don't judge me!]

And this got me wondering. What's wrong with our society today? I believe that the parents play a major role in determining if the kids grow up to be kind, courteous Samaritans or selfish, egoistic monkeys from hell.

Coming from somewhere between the Gen X and Gen Y era, my parents didn't really actively promote the need to be kind and considerate. However, I would like to think that I still grew up to be quite the gentleman.

And I believe I may have found the root of the problem...


During my time, we had cartoons like...

Captain Planet and the 5 meddling kids
Image taken from google search

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and his weird looking friends
Image taken from google search

And kid shows like...

The Street which everyone always forgets how to go to that they had to write a song about it
Image taken from google search

Barney, our little purple friend
Image taken from google search

Lamp Chop's never ending Play-along song
Image taken from google search

The Teletubbies who confused us all about their genders
Image taken from google search

These were the cartoons and shows that we would wake up every weekend at 8.30am just to make sure we don't miss a single episode. And I would still be watching them even at 20 years of age.

And each episode of these cartoons and shows would be centered around 1 important social value. Forgiveness, Friendship, Family, Courtesy, Recycling etc. Unknowingly to us, we were being brainwashed [in a good way] to instill these values into our tiny little minds without us even knowing it.

Now, let's take a look at what type of cartoons and kid shows our young ones are watching these days...

Our Yellow Square-panted Sponge and his gang of misfits
Image taken from google search

Timmy Turner and his very odd fairy parents
Image taken from google search

The Perverted Zig who's always trying to get his hands on Sharko's girl
Image taken from google search

Hmmm... Lots of laughs, lots of violence and lots of dirty hidden jokes if you are fast enough to catch them. But so far nothing too educational going on around here. Let's hope the live-action shows are doing better...

The "You ruined my birthday because you bought me a red Ferrari when I told you I wanted a pink one! I HATE YOU!" show
Image taken from google search

We're handsome, rich and famous! You should dream of being like us too!
Image taken from google search

and of course, my favourite...

No. Just. No.
Image taken from google search

Yes, I know that you are going to say "But these shows are targeted at the teenagers!". Yes, they are. But guess who are the ones watching them every week on the cable channels? Back in our days, we didn't even have any shows that were catered to the teenage market. And that may have been a good thing.

Still don't believe me? Check out some of the cool stuff that happens in these "children cartoons"...

After Squidward asks Spongebob to bury himself...
Image taken from google search

Timmy's bad habit
Image taken from google search

Where are the lessons in values? Where's the kindness? Where's the generosity? Where's the family bonding? And it sure doesn't help when all we hear on our top 20 charts are song about booze, girls, sex and money.

Not only do the parents of today have to juggle work and family because of the extremely stressful high standard of living in Singapore, but it seems that we have to "watch" what our kids are watching too.

So back to the point, I don't blame the kids for having no basic courtesy and no sense of kindness instilled in them. But I'm pointing the finger back to their parents who do not instill this as a family principle in their households. Schools can only teach so much. The majority of the work still has to be done by the people in direct contact with the child after school hours.

If you can't lead, then please don't breed!

And of course, I still miss some of my favourite cartoons. Bring back the cartoons of our day!

Hair Dyeing Tips with CIELO Cream Hair Colour! [Sponsored Post]

The hair makes the man. Don't you agree?

For those of you who have been in close proximity to me before, you would have noticed that I have random strands of grey silverish hairs sticking out of my hair like sore thumbs. I'd like to think that it is a sign of all my wisdom that I had gathered over the years, but the truth is that it's just something somewhere that was passed down to me through my genes. Check out those genetic strands of wisdom!

But not to worry! CIELO Cream Hair Colour is here to save the day! But can grey hair coverage really be as easy a 1, 2, 3? Let's find out... But first... Before we fix the hair colour, we have to fix the hair!

A quick trip to Heritage Hair and all my hair troubles are *snipped* away!

Having very little previous experience with DIY hair dyes, my first instinct was to look for any instructions on the packaging. And sure enough there they were. The original packaging is mainly in Japanese, but not to worry, the packaging is overlaid with an outer box that has English instructions on it.

15 minutes? I had to keep the last DIY hair dye that I used on my hair for almost an hour! Well, it seemed simple enough. So let's jump straight to it! And while we're at it, I'll share a few tips for newbie hair dyeists [not a real word kids] like me!

It's unboxing time! What do we have in here?

We have a cool looking hair dye bottle in red, and a neat little package that includes...

The Instruction leaflet...

A double-sided Hair Dye Brush/Comb...

And this little squishy thing...

Unfortunately, it's not a toy for you to kill time while waiting for the dye to set in. It's actually a pump for you to pump out any excess dye from the cap of the Dye Bottle if you want to re-use the remaining dye.

Newbie Hair Dyeist Tip #01: Always "Read" the Instruction Leaflet

Let's take a look at that instruction leaflet again. At first glance it looks like just an ordinary piece of junk paper that probably nobody ever takes the time to read. But knowing the Japanese, they are always very innovative in all their products. This just doesn't seem like them... until you flip it over...

Still looks pretty normal. But let's take a closer look...

Tadah!! They actually have removable plastic gloves stuck onto the back of the instruction leaflet! Which leads me to tip number 2...

Newbie Hair Dyeist Tip #02: Always wear Protection [for your Hands!]

So, back to the instructions on said box.
Step 1:Press the lever of the bottle strongly and dispense the cream onto the brush side.

They lied. You don't need to press the lever too "strongly". In fact, it was quite easy to dispense the dye out from the bottle onto the brush side of the comb.

Start from the top...

And slowly make your way down...

Until you've covered the entire brush!

The end result should look something like this:

And no, that Hello Kitty towel does not belong to me.

Well, that was easy enough. What's next?
Step 2: Apply the cream on dry hair and distribute it evenly to the entire hair while combing with the comb side. Then, leave it on for 15 minutes.

But before we do that, save yourself some tears with...

Newbie Hair Dyeist Tip #03: Wear an old top that you won't mind throwing away.

Just in case you drip any dye onto your top. But if you're really clumsy, who knows, you may even be able to sell your latest fabric "Masterpiece" for a few millions!

Start from the edge of your hair and spread the dye towards the inside of your hair. As much as possible, try to avoid having direct contact between the dye and your scalp. [It's pretty challenging with an extremely short hairstyle like mine]

One does not simply dye his own hair without starting to sing 上海滩...

Remember to use the comb to spread the dye out more evenly across your whole head.
[only the parts with hair!]

And most importantly...

Newbie Hair Dyeist Tip #04: If you are too lazy not good enough at it, get a girlfriend/boyfriend to help you

I basically spammed the dye like no tomorrow to make sure that every inch of my hair was covered. And I still ended up with almost 1/4 remaining dye in the bottle! Ok. The dye has been spread. Now we wait...

Did you know that you can do lots of things in 15 minutes? For example...

Master the Japanese language. YoshinoyaSuzukiHondaDes!

Practice your scrunched-nosed selfie poses

Or imagine how your life would be if you stuck to your childhood "dream" of wanting to be a doctor

Newbie Hair Dyeist Tip #05: If your scalp starts to sting, wash the dye off immediately!

Luckily for me, my head and scalp are not the sensitive type because they don't make big fusses out of small issues. So I took my time and actually had the dye on for almost 20 minutes. [You know, just to be a little kiasu]

Step 3: Rinse well, Shampoo and Finish with Conditioner
I don't know about you guys, but I do use conditioner on my hair at least twice a week. It really does help to keep the softness and condition of your hair more manageable.

Newbie Hair Dyeist Tip #06: Don't be grossed out by what you see washing off from your hair

The water flowing from your hair may range anywhere between muddy water to bloody mary, depending on the colour and brand of hair dye that you are using. Do not get freaked out! This is normal!

So after washing up, it's time for the reveal!

Drum-rolls please...


Oh, and that instruction leaflet can now double up as a trash bag to wrap all the used materials up before throwing them away!

So, the real question is, did it do a good job covering up my genetic strands of wisdom? Well, take a look for yourself.

I am young again! Yippie!

Personally I was expecting a little more in terms of the colour, as I chose the Redish Brown colour dye but it didn't turn out as red as I expected. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is that I don't see any more grey strands sticking out of my head anymore!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Oh, and at the end of it all, I was about to throw the outer box away when I noticed something sticking out from inside...

Yup. You guessed it...

For those of you who really like to read, it's the English version of the instruction leaflet!

So here's the Final Verdict: CIELO Cream Hair Colour gets a thumbs up for perfectly covering grey hairs in just 1, 2, 3 easy steps! In fact, it's so simple even a newbie like me could do it!

And in case you're wondering how you can get your hands on these babies, CIELO Cream Hair Colour dyes are available in all leading Pharmacies and Supermarkets in a variety of colours.

They usually go for $17.90 each, but I believe that there's a special promotion going on right now, where you can get 2 boxes for just $28! So if you're looking for grey-less hair this festive season, go grab your CIELO now!

How to spot an Email Scam

I believe everyone should have received "You've won 20 Million Dollars but we need your personal particulars first" scam emails before, and most of us just chuck it in the trash without thinking much about it.

But have you ever wondered how to spot a scam email? Most of them are actually quite easy to spot, unless you've been targeted by some top notch scamming syndicate.

Here's a few tips on how to spot the tell-tale signs of a scam coming through your inbox.

1. Check the senders email address

So you say you're from Google or Microsoft. In that case, I wonder why your email address is from the domain [For those of you who don't know what 'domain' means, it's basically whatever company name that is after the "@" sign in the email address.]

And you say your name is Emeka James, but apparently your email account is "hgewfc". Yup. Sounds real professional and legitimate to me.

Popped over to and yup, it doesn't seem to have any connection with google or microsoft whatsoever. 

The website looks like some google/yahoo wannabe. So this person probably created a random account with this website and started sending out mass mails.

You should also have an idea of all the free email domains out there where anyone can register any email address under that domain as long as it has not already been taken. Some of these free email domains include,, etc

For example, emails from these accounts may not be as legitimate as they may seem:

Don't be fooled just because they have a yahoo or google domain to back them up. Anyone else can register one too. So what should you do next?

2. Check the URLs of any links in the email

Always be very wary of website links in any emails. Most links just bring you to other webpages on the Internet, but some of them might even be able to screw your computer up pretty badly if you just click on them.

If you leave your mouse arrow over any link [DO NOT CLICK IT!], most browsers will show you a preview of the webpage that you will be directed to if you click the link.

So you say you are from Gmail or google, my account is going to be disabled and you want me to click a link to activate my account? Please tell me why the website is pointing to instead of

3. Check out the images

Some scam emails come complete with official looking images on the signatures and attachments. One good way of checking the legitimacy of an email is by scrutinizing the quality of any images on that email or its attachments. I recently received this attachment from one of those emails...

So, just because you have the Gmail, Outlook and Windows 8 pictures on your PDF file you expect me to fall into your trap? First of all, most companies have strict policies on how their logos can and should be used. Take the Gmail logo in this attachment for example.

Have you ever seen such a HUGE Gmail logo anywhere on the official google websites or gmail email service? Many companies have restrictions on the maximum or minimum size of the logo as it just doesn't look good to have something so huge.

Another tip is to zoom in and check on the quality of the images. If the person is really from whatever company he claims he's from, he should only be using their high resolution images for logos and signatures.

Even after zooming in 300 to 500% of the actual size, these high resolution images should still be clear, sharp and very detailed, especially on attachments.

The gmail logo here looks a little blurry and not very sharp after zooming in to about 300%. A tell-tale sign that it was just copied from the some official Gmail webpage and pasted into the attachment. And if that isn't obvious enough, check out the domain of the email address that he's asking you to send your reply to even though he says he's from google or microsoft:

4. Just use Common Sense

I understand that common sense is not common to everyone, and what is common sense to one person may not even make sense to another. But the key thing is to be smart about it. Think it through.

Microsoft and Google have been competitors since the dawn of time. Why would they suddenly come together and want to give you money?

And of course, if all fails, just remember this simple rule: If it's looks too good to be true, it probably is.