N.E.mation!8 Production Week 3! It's a Wrap!

The 10 teams from this year's N.E.mation!8 have been putting in all their effort for the past 3 weeks to create an animation that expresses their thoughts about Total Defence. If you haven't already done so, read up on what teams WayneStarkCo and Hashtag have been up to in Production Week 1 and Production Week 2 of their 3 week production schedule!

Now this is where things start to get hardcore. It's the third and final week of their 3 week Production Phase. This is when teams start to feel the heat. Deadlines are drawing closer and both the teams and their instructors start feeling the stresses of the competition.

Knowing that this is the time when the teams would need the most motivation and inspiration to keep going, I decided to bring along a few little bags of motivation during my week 3 visit.

For the girls at WayneStarkCo, I brought along cute packets of colourful choco balls.

And for the guys at Hashtag, I got a "surprised" bag of Caramel Corn snacks.

I know it isn't much, but every single bit counts during these stressful times.

#NE8C10: Team WayneStarkCo

The first thing that I spotted when I arrived at their production tent was the "Bat Signal"

What's a superhero team without some superhero equipment?

Because another team was doing some filming at the green screen area, most of the lights around the surrounding tents were dimmed down to a dark, Gotham City-like back alley street. Okay, so the Bat Signal didn't actually project a giant bat logo into the night sky, but I still gave the girls A for Effort.

As expected, the girls were kind of lethargic and tired out when I arrived. Well, who wouldn't be after spending almost 3 weeks staring at little lines and dots on a computer screen trying to make the cartoon drawings move like real humans.

So we decided to kick things off with our weekly Milo break!

No Megan, you can't drink all 6 packets of Milo at 1 go. Just kidding.
She was having a bad throat that day and was just being nice to pose with us with the Milo.

As with the last 2 weeks, the girls were all constantly raving about random stuff from manga and anime characters on their computer wallpapers to who's their favourite My Little Pony character.

For the record, I'm a Rainbow Dash fan.
Image taken from google search

Anyway, when I asked them whether they were on schedule to complete their animation my Friday, the only response I got was a unified, cynical laughter from the team. Don't worry girls, I have complete faith in the team as well as your instructors that everyone will push through and the animation will be completed by the deadline.

They were also talking about how Tab went on a sugar rush frenzy just a few days ago, after finishing an entire sachet of sugar in 1 serving. [Why would you even think of downing an entire sachet of sugar?!] This of course led to the girls trying to decide if Tab should even be entitled to the Choco Balls that I brought along. Don't worry, she still managed to get her fair share of the treats in the end. [But only after she promised that she would only eat them after they left for the day]

One thing that amazes me is the amount of support and encouragement the teams get from their friends and family. For example, even though they are considered to be in some sort of competition against each other, there are no signs of competition between any of the teams. In fact, they are more often than not encouraging each other and helping to keep the spirits of all the teams up by doing things like bringing cakes and pastries to be shared among the teams, and sticking up funny notes in other teams tents [most of the time when they are not around]

And this week, Megan's mum even had bouquets of flowers delivered to each of the team members of WayneStarkCo while they were hard at work on their animations. Thank you Megan's mum. The world needs more supportive parents like her to bring out the best in our future generations.

Just like this year's theme, everyone plays a part to support our families and community

Also, is it me or have there been an increasing number of miniature soft toys slowly but surely taking over the N.E.mation! 8 production tents over the past 3 weeks? This week, I posted at least 2 new additions to the N.E.mation soft toy family, and 1 of them was a baby Alpaca with a cool skull cap. Watch out! The toys are taking over the world!

They may look all cute and innocent, but I'm telling you they are trying to take over the world!

Last week, you saw how tedious the process of animating those cartoon drawings were. Well, this week, you'll get a sneak peak of what these girls have been working so hard for. Take a look at this video of snippets of their final animation!

Keep your eyes peeled for team WayneStarkCo and remember to support them by liking them on the official N.E.mation!8 facebook app! Come on girls! You can do it!!

#NE8C04: Team HashTag

As with Team WayneStarkCo, the first thing to catch my eye during my visit is always not any one of the team members, but rather an inanimate object hanging around their work stations.

It seems quite obvious where the team gets their inspiration from...

Errr... Yeah. So apparently a very 'high' looking woody seemed to have been watching a little too much MTV, and decided to play out a scene from the MTC of one of his favourite singers.

Even before I arrived, I was quite worried when I saw this photo posted on team Hashtag's instagram a few days ago.

Blue screen of death??? Noooooooooooooooooo....!

I think you have to redo all of your work Joshua...

Thankfully, it was just a troll by their ever creative instructor, Mr Alvin, as punishment for not clearing the trash on Monday. He set up this as the screensaver of the PC, and even had the tiny details worked out by unplugging the mouse to make it seem even more realistic. [I applaud all evil geniuses...]

Okay. So they didn't have to redo all their work. And apparently the boys were so dedicated and hardworking that they managed to keep up with their schedule. [Good job guys!] When I entered their tent, they were basically just putting up the final touches on their animation video.

Remember the paper outlines that they did during Production Week 2? Well, take a look at some of the amazing effects that they created on their backgrounds using this simple but tedious technique.

Cool right? I particularly liked the MBS one. It really looks like they actually cut out all the individual pieces of the MBS skyline and pasted them together on a piece of paper.

And for all of their hard work, the creative insctructors awarded them with these certificate of "Achievements" after a seemingly stern and serious talk...

Don't worry. It was all in the name of fun! Oh, and I believe most of the other teams were awarded certificates too! Go check out the teams on the other bloggers pages as well as their social media platforms to find out more about these creative certificates!

And when I presented them with their "value pack of motivation", these took it pretty formally...

Although I'm not sure whether they were supposed to be worshipping it or trying to snatch the entire bag for themselves, but at least they looked like they liked it.

So, remember to show your support for the guys from Team HashTag [if you haven't already done so] by liking them on the Official N.E.mation! 8 facebook app!

And here's a sneak peak of what their final product will look like. Can you hear the whistling in the background? Kind of brings back lots of memories of my army days... Oh. And watch how they gave their utmost support for their instructor, Mr Alvin.

And I'm sure you guys haven't forgotten about their mascot, Substitute. Well, he was recently transformed into another very recognisable character. We shall name him "Loki, the Mischievous Green Dinosaur". And apparently, Loki didn't seem too pleased with the wrecking ball re-enactment that Woody provided...

*Warning! Graphic and Disturbing images ahead* 

Looks like Woody was a little in over his head...

... Literally.

The boys, being smart as they are, knew that the only way to avoid the same fate as Woody was to worship their new master.

*Disclaimer: No Toys or Dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this blog post.

We ended the day with a self-proclaimed epic selfie-fail. Check out their instagram for more epic moments.

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