The launch of the new World of Sports Membership Card, and the retirement of my Wings

As most of you humans would know, I am quite a fan of rollerblading. [it's actually called inline skating by the way, Rollerblade was a popular brand of inline skates] I even used to frequent East Coast Park on weekends [before the government took back the stretch of shops around the MacDonalds area] to enjoy some quiet me-time while cutting through the air on my black-silver-and-orange wings.

It was a really good way of running a sweat without getting out of breath, as well as a great way to take your mind off things and relax. Plug in to your favourite playlist and it's like you got yourself a perfect little hamster ball that allows you to wonder around, but yet protects you from having any real human interaction with the humans around you.

I bought my K2 rollerblades [which I have affectionately termed as my Wings] around 4 to 5 years back, and have been with me for the longest time. However, due other work and other commitments, they have recently been sitting at the corner of my shoe rack for way too long.

Image taken from World Of Sports

Luckily, World of Sports gave me a chance to strap on my wings again at the launch of their new World of Sports Membership Card event. Yes, if you didn't already know, World of Sports is launching their new and improved membership card!

For just $49.00 a year, members can look forward to huge savings from exclusive in-store promotions and discounts all year round. Not only that, the membership also allows you to enjoy exclusive member discounts and privileges with partners such as Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport, ONLYasthetics and Natural Healings, just to name a few.

But wait, thats not all! Upon signing up, all new members get to immediately take home a HEAD duffle bag, a Columbia toiletries pouch and a HEAD water bottle worth a total of $111.70! That's already more than double the membership fee!

The launch event included a rollerblading masterclass from the good people at Inline X, where a couple of rollerblading instructors would teach us rollerblading tips and tricks tailored to suit our individual current skill levels. How could I miss out on a session like this? I dug out my wings and brought them along to work, so that they could accompany me to the event venue at Novena Square that evening.

When I arrived at the open area outside of Novena Square, the guys from Inline X were getting ready for our rollerblading session. They even brought 2 entire baskets of rollerblades for those who did not have/bring their own personal blades!

The organisers also introduced us to a new brand of socks that will "make you not want to wear any other brand of socks once you have tried it!" [Quoted from Chad, the organiser]

Image taken from

Introducing Thorlos socks! These socks are clinically-tested and proven to provide better protection and comfort than regular socks. The difference is in the varying density of the padding at different areas of your feet.

The socks are designed to be densely padded on the ball and heel of the feet, where the impact forces are usually the highest, while less dense padding is used in the arch area for a more secure fit. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

Branding. Just so that every knows you are wearing Thorlos socks :) 

Flip it inside out and you will immediately see the difference in the thickness of the padding at the ball and heel area as compared to the arch area.

Using their Engineered Padding Technology (TM), the dense padding is made out of tens of thousands loops of their exclusive Thorlon yarn and other proprietary yarn blends. I must admit that it definitely felt much more comfortable than my office socks that I wore to the event. [Yes, I do have a full-time job that helps pay the bills]

As always, safety is the top priority during such sporting events. So the first thing to be done was to armour up!

Elbow pads? Check. Wrist guards? Check. Knee pads? Check. Helmet? I'll rather keep my hairstyle for now, thanks. 头可断,头发不能乱!

Mighty Mouse is all padded up and ready to go!

First up, the instructors divided us into 2 groups:
The "I need a fence as my brake" group [a.k.a. The Beginners], and the "I'm ready to fall down while trying new things" group [a.k.a. The Intermediates].

They then explained some basic rollerblading techniques and tips before breaking us into our groups.

Our dedicated instructors giving us some pointers before the start of our session, while Smith digs his nose and I dig my ear.
[Thanks for the picture, Chad]

The Beginners focused on the basic movements of rollerblading, such as moving, stopping, turning, and even how to fall down correctly so as not to hurt yourself.

The Intermediates went straight into more difficult stuff such as tippy-toe tricks and slides. I was amazed to find out that the guy in white [Sorry! I forgot your name] was previously from a roller-hockey team, but he had to stop because of a leg injury.

So for most of the 1 hour session, we were fooling around with the mini-cones placed all over the basketball court, trying our best to learn a new trick or two. Check out these videos taken during the event!

A demo by the Instructor, AK.

Now it's my turn to try!

Not too bad ehhh?

If you were sharp enough, you would have noticed that the blades I was wearing were not my own. That was because mid-way through the session, my wings got old and cranky and decided to snap on me.While I was trying one of the tricks, the top strap of my left wing snapped and broke into 4 or 5 separate pieces.

Here's a close-up. Using my professional paint skills honed over the years, I have edited the picture to show you where the strap was supposed to be.

My wings were broken and therefore, I had to switch to one of the blades that Inline X brought down for us... :'(

Well, at least we all had fun acting like secondary school kids at East Coast Park on a Sunday evening reliving the joy of being on rollerblades. Kudos to World of Sports and the organisers for putting together such an enjoyable event.

Of course, what would an event be without the obligatory group photo?

Thanks again Chad for the photo!

Although I had lots of fun and learnt a couple of new tricks at the event, I was also quite sad that my wings gave up on me. It must have been pissed off that I haven't brought it out for the longest time.

Yes, I know that I can get a replacement strap for about $15 at most rollerblade shops, but I guess its time to retire this pair of wings as it is obvious by the wear and tear that it has served me well beyond it's good years.

I reluctantly left my broken wings beside the rubbish bin under my block [yes, I carried a broken pair of rollerblades all the way home just to throw them away] and bid them goodbye.

Thank you for companying me through so many years of blood, sweat and tears. Literally. Maybe I should signup for the World of Sports membership card to get discounts for a new pair of wings...

R.I.P. My Wings. You will be missed.

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