Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 Finals in Osaka, Japan


Good morning! I believe most of you would have already known that F&N Sparkling Drinks has kindly sponsored 2 bloggers [William and myself] and 2 twitter contest winners [Emma and Lana] the chance to catch the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 Finals, LIVE in Osaka, Japan!

Off we go!!

Of course, being a great dance fanatic, I was ecstatic about the trip and the show! Winning teams from all around the world would be converging in Osaka, Japan to compete for the title of one of the best dance crews in the world!

When we arrived on at the venue, it was raining pretty hard. But that did not dampen the spirits of all the supporters and dance fanatics that flooded the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium [try saying that 3 times fast] to catch the showdown.

Right outside the Gymnasium, there was a backdrop of the JDD Vol 20 with photos of all the finalists performing. 40 teams of 4 minute performances meant that we were in for at least 2 and a half hours of non-stop dancing action!

There were even lots of passionate fans queuing up in the rain just to get their hands on the official JDD merchandise, which included T-Shirts, Caps and other goodies.

William and me with our...

JDD Vol. 20 Finals Tickets...

...And our backstage wristbands!

The number of people who came to attend Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals was amazing... The entire venue was jam packed with a sold-out attendance! Don't believe me? Check out my instavideo!

We managed to catch up with Amin and Mag backstage before their performance. And guess what? Freddy and Zaihar from O School were also there to support them! Woohoo!

Megamint: Short for Meg And Amin!

Freddy and Zaihar from O School!

Group photo! Singapore! Represent!

Soon, it was almost time for the performances to start. So we took our seats and waited patiently. The view from our 6th row seat was perfect! Close enough to see the facial expressions of the dancers on stage, and yet just far enough to still be able to view the whole stage!

A group selfie while we wait for the performance to start

And while we waited, we managed to spot Megamint in some of the brochures that were included in the goodie bags!

Can you spot Megamint?

Megamint spotted in another brochure!

Soon enough, the lights dimmed, tension-filled music was played, the crowd started to cheer, and... BOOM!

Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 Finals had begun!!

As always, the show started off with a bang, with ALL the judges performing their individual solos! Yoshibow, Yokoi, Marjory, Machine, Link, Popin Pete, Storm, Tetsu-G, Ohji, Horie and Tatsuo gave us a warm welcome and justification why they were chosen as judges of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals!

Unfortunately, no photography or videography was allowed during the performances... So, here's a group photo of all the judges borrowed from the official Dance Delight website.

but of course, being the rule-bender that I am, I risked life and limb to snap a few shots of Megamint in action, all for you guys! [Mainly on the huge LCD screen above]

Great job guys! We are all so proud of you! Go Go Megamint!

Each team performed for a minimum of 4 minutes. And including all the intermission breaks, the whole JDD Vol 20 took about 6 hours to complete. A little too draggy if you asked me, but definitely worth it seeing all the awesome teams performing LIVE.

Although it was 6 whole hours, the time passed very quickly as we watched the finalists pop, lock, break and groove to vie for the title of JDD Vol 20 Grand Champion. And all too soon, it was time to announce the results...

All the judges were invited up on stage before the announcement of the winners, and it seemed that photography and videography were suddenly allowed again, as almost everyone started to whip out their cameras.

The judges waiting patiently as our emcee, MC USK, hyped the crowd up

First, 3 "Special Prizes" were given out to 3 amazing teams. I don't understand Japanese, but I believe these special prizes were for outstanding performances, technique and entertainment value.

The first Special Prize went to a 3 girl group called "Lucifer"

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Don't be fooled by their demure looks during the prize presentation, the performance these girls put up could put most of the guy crews out there to shame. Their entire performance was filled with high-impact, high-energy, hulk-strengthed moves, and they didn't even look like slowing down towards the end of their performance!

The next Special Prize went to a 11-guy crew called HotPoint!

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

I believe they were the most entertaining performance of the night. Not because of their dancing, but because of the the guy holding the award. His comic relief facial expressions during the performance were EPIC!

There was a scene where he was somewhere at the back of the stage, and the camera had a good view of the entire crew on stage. But slowly, it started to zoom in to his face at the back. Why? They were doing some reggee moves and he was licking his lips in a funny/sexy/comical way all throughout that segment! EPIC I tell you!

And the final Special Award went to a lady duo called Ebony.

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Sad to say, William and I missed their performance as we were still queuing for the toilet when their performance started. But I believe they were doing some form of Reggee dance. Well done girls!

Now, it was time to reveal our top 3 winners for this year's Japan Dance Delight Vol 20! Everyone was on the edge of their seats and speculations were high...

The 3rd Place went to...

...last year's Champions: Mortal Combat!

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Their death-defying B-Boy stunts never ceased to draw "WOOOOs!!" and "WAHHs!!" from the crowds. I remember they opened their act with a 3-tiered human pyramid, and the guy on top just leaped forward and landed flat on the ground in front of him! After a stunt like that, I wouldn't even be able to get back onto my feet, much less finish the rest of the performance!

And the 2nd Place went to...

David Colas & Santiago!!

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

These 2 guys had their own unique style of dance! Their heads and arms seem to be seamlessly slipping and sliding on the body parts of their partners, as if they were 2 bodies controlled by 1 single brain. The coordination between the 2 of them was ridiculous! They reminded me of Robot Boys from Denmark's Got Talent.

And finally... The winner of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 is...


[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Team members of O.G.S making their way to the stage from the locker room!

Deserving of the title of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Champion, O.G.S wowed and entertained the crowd with a perfect mix of flawless technique, crazy choreography and even some death-defying B-Boy stunts! They were so good that they even got a standing [on the chair!] ovation from 2 of the judges from the judging panel!

Here's a instavideo of this year's champion! O.G.S!

The crowd went wild when the winners were announced!! And just like that, this year's Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals came to a close.

All the winners were visibly taken aback from winning their respective titles. This proved to me that all the dancers and crews in the JDD Vol 20 finals were not just there to win the title and prizes, but they were there for something else: Passion and Experience. And I could tell that all the blood, sweat and tears shed by all the finalists were all worth it.

Among all the hustle and bustle going on in the backstage area after the show, Megamint managed to snap a few photos with some of the judges and contestants...

Megamint with judge Poppin Pete

Megamint with Special Prize winners Ebony

Getting some tips from judge Storm on how to further improve their performances

And of course a group photo with Storm!

Once again, congratulations to O.G.S on winning this year's Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals, and great job Mag and Amin on your outstanding performance, I'm sure you guys gained much more in terms of experience than just a trip to Japan!

Till next year, さようなら [Sayōnara] Osaka!!

Also, stay tuned to my blog for updates on our journey in Osaka, Japan coming real soon!!

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