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As I have previously mentioned in one of my previous posts, "The Hair Makes the Man". Any respectable guy knows that your hair [and how you style it] makes up 50% of your entire image. So, ensuring that our hair gets the best tender loving care possible, should be one of the top priorities of any modern male.

And to help us out in this area, the guys from Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy have come up with a few interesting short clips to educate us on the Do's and Don'ts of proper hair-care for men. Here's tip 01 for you: Never Use Your Girlfriend's Shampoo!

After watching the clip, I could only think of 1 question:

"Who washes his hair in a Tuxedo??!!"

In any case, I really did actually learn some cool facts about hair-care through these quirky short videos. Check them out on ClearMenSG's youtube channel! They have about 5 videos on their channel now, but it's quite obvious from the channel layout that there are going to be a lot more coming out soon!

Take this one for example:

Image taken from youtube

Want to know why? Go watch the video!

There's even a little widget at the bottom right that helps you find the best shampoo for you based on your hair length, dandruff severity, grease level and scalp itchiness. Here's the shampoo that was recommended for me!

Image taken from youtube

The humans from Clear had also kindly provided me with 2 bottles of Clear Anti Hair Fall shampoo, which is coincidentally one of the shampoos recommended for me by the youtube widget!

Well, I guess it's time to try it out then! To the bathroom!!

Personally, I have not used Clear shampoo before, so this was my virgin experience with this shampoo brand. Hopefully all the nutrients in the shampoo, such as Bio-Nutrium 10, Mint, Tea Tree and Ginseng, can help me get healthier hair.

I used just the right amount of shampoo as recommended by one of the videos...

...which is about 1 full pump from the bottle. The shampoo itself felt a little thicker than my usual shampoo, and the texture also seemed milkier than my usual shampoo.

Lathered up my hair with shampoo, and of course the mandatory shampoo mohawk that all guys do in the shower...

...Washed it off with warm water and finally dried myself off.

After the shower, I couldn't really feel any difference from the shampoo that I would normally use...

However, once my hair was dried off with my towel, it did feel less oily and prickly than usual. Can't really comment about the reduced scalp itchiness yet, as I have yet to go through a long day with the full wax and spray combination.

Usually my hair would be in a mess immediately after drying off, but I don't know why it was extremely neat and tidy after today's wipe down. Could it possibly be because of Clear Men's shampoo?

So all in all, I believe that Clear Men's Shampoo does do a better job at taking care of the male scalp as compared to the normal shampoos. Now for my next experiment, to empty Mint Leong's shampoo bottle and replace it with Clear Men's Shampoo to see how it fares on female hair... Muahahahahha...

But wait! I'm not done yet! The Minute Man has a couple of tips of his own. Not to be outdone by Clear, here are some hair-care tips from yours truly:

Image taken from google search

Hair Care Tip #907: How to tell if you have already shampooed and washed your hair?
Ever been in the situation where you are halfway through your bath, and totally forgot whether or not you have already shampooed your hair [and already washed it off]? Just do this simple test: Pull upwards on your hair with your thumb and index finger. If you have already completed your shampoo routine, this action should cause a squeaky sound from your hair. This just proves that after you are done shampooing your hair, it will become squeaky clean!

Image taken from google search

Hair Care Tip #965: Use Different Temperatures for Different Routines
No, I did not make this one up myself. I learnt this from one of my previous hairdressers. Before applying shampoo or conditioner to your hair, make sure to rinse it using warm [not hot] water. Warm water opens the pores of your hair and allows it to better absorb the nutrients in the shampoo or conditioner. Again, use warm water to rinse off the shampoo or conditioner from your hair. And finally, finish off with a cool water rinse of your hair to seal the pores and keep those nutrients locked in!

Image taken from google search

Hair Care Tip #927: Don't Shampoo/Condition your Hair Every Day
Your scalp naturally produces oil, and it needs some of this oil to stay healthy and shiny. Unless your hair is super oily, shampooing and conditioning your hair everyday would be washing the oil off your hair before it has enough time to absorb it, leaving it dry and flaky.

Well, that's all the hair tips that I have for now. I'm no hair expert so don't just take my word for it. Try them out yourselves and see if they work for you! Personally, they work great for me!

As for the ladies, don't fret. Clear hasn't forgotten about you. Start your day right with Clear Ice Cool Menthol. Not only does it help to chase away dandruff while repairing and strengthening your scalp, you also get to keep your hair cool with the refreshing sensation of menthol!

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