[Advertorial] Clear Men Shampoo - Fresh Hair Tips for Men, by Men

As I have previously mentioned in one of my previous posts, "The Hair Makes the Man". Any respectable guy knows that your hair [and how you style it] makes up 50% of your entire image. So, ensuring that our hair gets the best tender loving care possible, should be one of the top priorities of any modern male.

And to help us out in this area, the guys from Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy have come up with a few interesting short clips to educate us on the Do's and Don'ts of proper hair-care for men. Here's tip 01 for you: Never Use Your Girlfriend's Shampoo!

After watching the clip, I could only think of 1 question:

"Who washes his hair in a Tuxedo??!!"

In any case, I really did actually learn some cool facts about hair-care through these quirky short videos. Check them out on ClearMenSG's youtube channel! They have about 5 videos on their channel now, but it's quite obvious from the channel layout that there are going to be a lot more coming out soon!

Take this one for example:

Image taken from youtube

Want to know why? Go watch the video!

There's even a little widget at the bottom right that helps you find the best shampoo for you based on your hair length, dandruff severity, grease level and scalp itchiness. Here's the shampoo that was recommended for me!

Image taken from youtube

The humans from Clear had also kindly provided me with 2 bottles of Clear Anti Hair Fall shampoo, which is coincidentally one of the shampoos recommended for me by the youtube widget!

Well, I guess it's time to try it out then! To the bathroom!!

Personally, I have not used Clear shampoo before, so this was my virgin experience with this shampoo brand. Hopefully all the nutrients in the shampoo, such as Bio-Nutrium 10, Mint, Tea Tree and Ginseng, can help me get healthier hair.

I used just the right amount of shampoo as recommended by one of the videos...

...which is about 1 full pump from the bottle. The shampoo itself felt a little thicker than my usual shampoo, and the texture also seemed milkier than my usual shampoo.

Lathered up my hair with shampoo, and of course the mandatory shampoo mohawk that all guys do in the shower...

...Washed it off with warm water and finally dried myself off.

After the shower, I couldn't really feel any difference from the shampoo that I would normally use...

However, once my hair was dried off with my towel, it did feel less oily and prickly than usual. Can't really comment about the reduced scalp itchiness yet, as I have yet to go through a long day with the full wax and spray combination.

Usually my hair would be in a mess immediately after drying off, but I don't know why it was extremely neat and tidy after today's wipe down. Could it possibly be because of Clear Men's shampoo?

So all in all, I believe that Clear Men's Shampoo does do a better job at taking care of the male scalp as compared to the normal shampoos. Now for my next experiment, to empty Mint Leong's shampoo bottle and replace it with Clear Men's Shampoo to see how it fares on female hair... Muahahahahha...

But wait! I'm not done yet! The Minute Man has a couple of tips of his own. Not to be outdone by Clear, here are some hair-care tips from yours truly:

Image taken from google search

Hair Care Tip #907: How to tell if you have already shampooed and washed your hair?
Ever been in the situation where you are halfway through your bath, and totally forgot whether or not you have already shampooed your hair [and already washed it off]? Just do this simple test: Pull upwards on your hair with your thumb and index finger. If you have already completed your shampoo routine, this action should cause a squeaky sound from your hair. This just proves that after you are done shampooing your hair, it will become squeaky clean!

Image taken from google search

Hair Care Tip #965: Use Different Temperatures for Different Routines
No, I did not make this one up myself. I learnt this from one of my previous hairdressers. Before applying shampoo or conditioner to your hair, make sure to rinse it using warm [not hot] water. Warm water opens the pores of your hair and allows it to better absorb the nutrients in the shampoo or conditioner. Again, use warm water to rinse off the shampoo or conditioner from your hair. And finally, finish off with a cool water rinse of your hair to seal the pores and keep those nutrients locked in!

Image taken from google search

Hair Care Tip #927: Don't Shampoo/Condition your Hair Every Day
Your scalp naturally produces oil, and it needs some of this oil to stay healthy and shiny. Unless your hair is super oily, shampooing and conditioning your hair everyday would be washing the oil off your hair before it has enough time to absorb it, leaving it dry and flaky.

Well, that's all the hair tips that I have for now. I'm no hair expert so don't just take my word for it. Try them out yourselves and see if they work for you! Personally, they work great for me!

As for the ladies, don't fret. Clear hasn't forgotten about you. Start your day right with Clear Ice Cool Menthol. Not only does it help to chase away dandruff while repairing and strengthening your scalp, you also get to keep your hair cool with the refreshing sensation of menthol!

10 Reasons why Retro Games still own the Games of Today

Image taken from wikipedia.org

If you are a kid of the 80s or 90s, you would remember classic games such as Space Invaders, Circus Charlie, Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bare Knuckles and of course Super Mario Bros.

Yes, those were the good old days where games were only played using just 2 thumbs, when graphics were made up of pixels that you could actually see, and a good "blowjob" was almost always necessary before any gaming session.

Games and consoles have evolved so much since the times of "Brick Game", however, being an avid gamer myself, I still prefer the old retro games as opposed to most of the newer visually stunning games of today. And here are a few reasons why the old will always rule over the new:

1. There were no "In-Game Instruction Manuals"
Press start on Super Mario Bros and you'll be tossed straight into stage 1-1. There were no instructions, no guides, no "helpful NPCs" to teach you how to game. You experiment and learn for yourself. Walk a few steps and you see a goomba. Don't know he's a bad guy? Touch him once, lose a life and now you know.

Granted the old Super NES only had 1 D-pad and 2 buttons, while the newer consoles have 57 million different buttons. [Or even worse, PCs have the entire keyboard!] But the concept was simple: Learn to play the game BY PLAYING THE GAME.

2. You couldn't save your progress after every 2 steps
Retro games gave more incentive for gamers NOT to make mistakes. Yes, there were "Save Points" but they were few and far between. Accidentally drop into the last trench before reaching the Robotnik banner of Green Hill Zone Act 1 and all you could do was scream "FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!". After getting over your hissy fit, you would resign to your fate of having to start over from the last save point, which was about 5 gaming minutes away from your current location.

Image taken from google search

However, in today's gaming world, you see gamers spending more time saving their games then actually playing them. Here are some examples:

"The next room is a boss fight, better save my game first."
"I'm about to open a door, better save my game first."
"I just killed a low-level enemy that I can kill again with 1 hit, and got no useful loot out of him, better save my game first."
"I just saved my game. Better save my game again to make sure my previous save was saved."


Oh, and the gamers of today will never experience the anxiety of always knowing that there is a always a slight chance of the game hanging and you having to start off from square 1 again. There are only so many "SHITs" and "PLEASEs" that one can utter before curling up into a ball and starting to cry.

3. Completing a game really meant something
As an extension of the previous point, save points only worked if you had more lives. Lose your final life and you would have to start over from stage 1-1 again. This meant that when someone told you "Hey! I just completed Super Mario Bros last night!", it meant that he has practically memorised the entire game and he could very easily repeat this process with his eyes closed.

Whereas the games of today give you about 3 good hours of stage-by-stage campaign fun, and after you complete the main campaign you spend another 76 hours replying the game trying to complete irrelevant mini-quests or just going on pointless rampages throughout the game.

On the other hand, some skill games could not be completed and just got harder and harder until you hit the big "Game Over". I have personally reached stage 7-5 of Circus Charlie. Anyone care to try to beat my record?

Image taken from google search

4. (The Lack of) In-Game Purchases
In the past, when you bought a game, you only needed to pay for it once. And that's it. There were no such things as monthly subscriptions, "cash" items or in-game purchases. Games were based purely on individual skill and intellect, and no, you couldn't beat the competition by just spending a ton of real money to get the best/most expensive equipment/upgrades in the game.

Apart from in-game shops trying to hustle more money out of your pocket, there are also the occasional advertisements and sponsored brands/links. These advertisements and links are popping up in full 128-bit flashing colours, causing a major distraction to both your eyes and your brain. Simply put: Less is More.

Image taken from 9gag

5. No Loadtimes
The games of the past had virtually no loadtimes once you started the game. Complete a stage and you would be thrown straight into the next stage within the next 2 seconds. This keeps the heart pumping and the action going.

Image taken from google search

The games of today focus a little too much on graphics and storylines, which lead to the games having to load massive amounts of data when switching between stages/areas. This in turn leads to...

6. More Game-time, less story-time
Gamers play games to play games. Not to read storybooks. Give us more time to interact and do silly things with our controllable characters rather than cutting to a new cut-scene every 10 minutes. Agreed that a good storyline is an important aspect to any game, but the key is to tell the story while the user is playing out the game. This was what the retro games were good at.

This game does it like a pro:

Image taken from google search

Press start and you see aliens slowly making their way towards the bottom of the screen [supposingly Earth]. A perfect storyline which anyone can understand and relate to, and all within the push of a single button. Game on.

Unless the game has a storyline and music composition that is comparable to Final Fantasy, please keep the story-telling to the bare minimum. If I wanted to watch a show, I would have rented a DVD.

Image taken from google search

7. It's all in the Gameplay
What differentiates the big boys from the small toys? One word: Gameplay. In the world of 8-bit pixels jumping about on screen, game developers pretty much only had 1 way to beat the competition. And that was to create games with outstanding concepts and gameplay.

Image taken from google search
No. This is not some artist's abstract interpretation of art

Pong only needed 3 lines and a dot to become one of the most recognised games in the world. And even up till today, I believe that there are still many humans out there who are playing this game [which is probably even older than me].

However, game developers kind of lost track of this when more and more processing power came into play. They started focusing on graphics and audio and visual effects. Let me put it in the Pong perspective here. Does anyone still play Virtual Table Tennis?

8. Games required some form of Intellect, instead of getting you to pretend that you're a monkey
Out-smarting ghosts in Pac-Man. Check.
Clearing the entire screen in Tetris. Check.
Finding Robotnik's weakness in every boss battle. Check.
Jumping around the room on 1 leg while clapping your hands above your head and peeling a banana with your feet. I'll think I'll pass, thank you.

Image taken from google search

Games of the past made you think. They made you come up with strategies on how to get pass the puzzle or defeat the boss. While there are still a number of good games out there that make people do some actual thinking and problem solving, there are also many others that seem to have focused their target market at 3 year old toddlers. [Combined with in-game purchases, that might actually not be a bad business idea]

Either that or they intentionally designed the game to be played with your mortal enemy, as an excuse to knock a few of his teeth out or destroy his new 42-inch LED television. Just remember that it works both ways.

9. You didn't need that 276 page game guide to complete the game
However, you might need 276 hours of gameplay to complete a retro game from start to finish. [If it could even be completed in the first place]

Image taken from google search

Games of yester-year did not have guides or walkthroughs to help you along your journey. Get stuck at a puzzle/boss and you could spend the next 5 nights tossing and turning in bed, thinking about how to get pass that puzzle/boss. There was no Google, no game guides, no walkthroughs that you could look up to for help. The only possible avenue of help was to call a friend who has [hopefully] gotten through this puzzle/boss before. And any respectable gamer knows that this meant throwing all the honour of completing this game, out the window.

And even if they did have guides, there would still be some form of skill required to even follow the guide and get through the stage. And these was the challenges that all true gamers crave to conquer.

10. Retro Gaming devices were built to take abuse
Frustrated about not being able to jump across that gaping hole after the 613254th attempt?
Got killed by a fireball that [to you] shouldn't even be there at that time?
Lost a life although you already pressed the button, but the system didn't register it?

No worries. Just take out your frustration on the game devices.

Image taken from google search

Game devices of the past could take an extraordinary amount of abuse and yet still work perfectly fine the very next day. Kick that arcade machine all you want, but it isn't going to give you an extra life. Rip the cartridge out of the Nintendo cartridge slot while the game is still running, and it still works perfectly fine the next day.

I have personally thrown the SEGA controller onto the floor while throwing a hissy-fit and screaming "THE COMPUTER CHEAT ONE!" at my CRT TV. And yet, that same controller still managed to out-live the SEGA 16-bit gaming generation.

However, I don't see humans throwing their iPhones to the ground these days. #JustSaying

Image taken from google search

Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 Finals in Osaka, Japan


Good morning! I believe most of you would have already known that F&N Sparkling Drinks has kindly sponsored 2 bloggers [William and myself] and 2 twitter contest winners [Emma and Lana] the chance to catch the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 Finals, LIVE in Osaka, Japan!

Off we go!!

Of course, being a great dance fanatic, I was ecstatic about the trip and the show! Winning teams from all around the world would be converging in Osaka, Japan to compete for the title of one of the best dance crews in the world!

When we arrived on at the venue, it was raining pretty hard. But that did not dampen the spirits of all the supporters and dance fanatics that flooded the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium [try saying that 3 times fast] to catch the showdown.

Right outside the Gymnasium, there was a backdrop of the JDD Vol 20 with photos of all the finalists performing. 40 teams of 4 minute performances meant that we were in for at least 2 and a half hours of non-stop dancing action!

There were even lots of passionate fans queuing up in the rain just to get their hands on the official JDD merchandise, which included T-Shirts, Caps and other goodies.

William and me with our...

JDD Vol. 20 Finals Tickets...

...And our backstage wristbands!

The number of people who came to attend Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals was amazing... The entire venue was jam packed with a sold-out attendance! Don't believe me? Check out my instavideo!

We managed to catch up with Amin and Mag backstage before their performance. And guess what? Freddy and Zaihar from O School were also there to support them! Woohoo!

Megamint: Short for Meg And Amin!

Freddy and Zaihar from O School!

Group photo! Singapore! Represent!

Soon, it was almost time for the performances to start. So we took our seats and waited patiently. The view from our 6th row seat was perfect! Close enough to see the facial expressions of the dancers on stage, and yet just far enough to still be able to view the whole stage!

A group selfie while we wait for the performance to start

And while we waited, we managed to spot Megamint in some of the brochures that were included in the goodie bags!

Can you spot Megamint?

Megamint spotted in another brochure!

Soon enough, the lights dimmed, tension-filled music was played, the crowd started to cheer, and... BOOM!

Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 Finals had begun!!

As always, the show started off with a bang, with ALL the judges performing their individual solos! Yoshibow, Yokoi, Marjory, Machine, Link, Popin Pete, Storm, Tetsu-G, Ohji, Horie and Tatsuo gave us a warm welcome and justification why they were chosen as judges of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals!

Unfortunately, no photography or videography was allowed during the performances... So, here's a group photo of all the judges borrowed from the official Dance Delight website.

but of course, being the rule-bender that I am, I risked life and limb to snap a few shots of Megamint in action, all for you guys! [Mainly on the huge LCD screen above]

Great job guys! We are all so proud of you! Go Go Megamint!

Each team performed for a minimum of 4 minutes. And including all the intermission breaks, the whole JDD Vol 20 took about 6 hours to complete. A little too draggy if you asked me, but definitely worth it seeing all the awesome teams performing LIVE.

Although it was 6 whole hours, the time passed very quickly as we watched the finalists pop, lock, break and groove to vie for the title of JDD Vol 20 Grand Champion. And all too soon, it was time to announce the results...

All the judges were invited up on stage before the announcement of the winners, and it seemed that photography and videography were suddenly allowed again, as almost everyone started to whip out their cameras.

The judges waiting patiently as our emcee, MC USK, hyped the crowd up

First, 3 "Special Prizes" were given out to 3 amazing teams. I don't understand Japanese, but I believe these special prizes were for outstanding performances, technique and entertainment value.

The first Special Prize went to a 3 girl group called "Lucifer"

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Don't be fooled by their demure looks during the prize presentation, the performance these girls put up could put most of the guy crews out there to shame. Their entire performance was filled with high-impact, high-energy, hulk-strengthed moves, and they didn't even look like slowing down towards the end of their performance!

The next Special Prize went to a 11-guy crew called HotPoint!

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

I believe they were the most entertaining performance of the night. Not because of their dancing, but because of the the guy holding the award. His comic relief facial expressions during the performance were EPIC!

There was a scene where he was somewhere at the back of the stage, and the camera had a good view of the entire crew on stage. But slowly, it started to zoom in to his face at the back. Why? They were doing some reggee moves and he was licking his lips in a funny/sexy/comical way all throughout that segment! EPIC I tell you!

And the final Special Award went to a lady duo called Ebony.

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Sad to say, William and I missed their performance as we were still queuing for the toilet when their performance started. But I believe they were doing some form of Reggee dance. Well done girls!

Now, it was time to reveal our top 3 winners for this year's Japan Dance Delight Vol 20! Everyone was on the edge of their seats and speculations were high...

The 3rd Place went to...

...last year's Champions: Mortal Combat!

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Their death-defying B-Boy stunts never ceased to draw "WOOOOs!!" and "WAHHs!!" from the crowds. I remember they opened their act with a 3-tiered human pyramid, and the guy on top just leaped forward and landed flat on the ground in front of him! After a stunt like that, I wouldn't even be able to get back onto my feet, much less finish the rest of the performance!

And the 2nd Place went to...

David Colas & Santiago!!

[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

These 2 guys had their own unique style of dance! Their heads and arms seem to be seamlessly slipping and sliding on the body parts of their partners, as if they were 2 bodies controlled by 1 single brain. The coordination between the 2 of them was ridiculous! They reminded me of Robot Boys from Denmark's Got Talent.

And finally... The winner of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 is...


[Image taken from Dance Delight Website]

Team members of O.G.S making their way to the stage from the locker room!

Deserving of the title of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Champion, O.G.S wowed and entertained the crowd with a perfect mix of flawless technique, crazy choreography and even some death-defying B-Boy stunts! They were so good that they even got a standing [on the chair!] ovation from 2 of the judges from the judging panel!

Here's a instavideo of this year's champion! O.G.S!

The crowd went wild when the winners were announced!! And just like that, this year's Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals came to a close.

All the winners were visibly taken aback from winning their respective titles. This proved to me that all the dancers and crews in the JDD Vol 20 finals were not just there to win the title and prizes, but they were there for something else: Passion and Experience. And I could tell that all the blood, sweat and tears shed by all the finalists were all worth it.

Among all the hustle and bustle going on in the backstage area after the show, Megamint managed to snap a few photos with some of the judges and contestants...

Megamint with judge Poppin Pete

Megamint with Special Prize winners Ebony

Getting some tips from judge Storm on how to further improve their performances

And of course a group photo with Storm!

Once again, congratulations to O.G.S on winning this year's Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals, and great job Mag and Amin on your outstanding performance, I'm sure you guys gained much more in terms of experience than just a trip to Japan!

Till next year, さようなら [Sayōnara] Osaka!!

Also, stay tuned to my blog for updates on our journey in Osaka, Japan coming real soon!!