Osaka, Here We Come!

On 13th of April 2013, Singapore witnessed the crowning of our very own Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 04 champions: Megamint.

Along with being crowned one of the best dancers in the ASEAN region, they also got a chance to fly to Osaka, Japan to participate in the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20, representing our very own Singapore!
And guess what? F&N has graciously selected William Tan and myself to accompany Megamint to Osaka to experience Japan Dance Delight!!


We will be bringing you LIVE updates from Osaka, Japan on our explorations and even during the Japan Dance Delight, mainly through Twitter and Instagram! So don't forget to follow us as we take in the sights and sounds of Osaka and immerse ourselves in the dance extravaganza known as Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20!! And remember to check back here for our blog updates after the trip!

Follow Us for LIVE updates on Megamint and JDD Vol 20:

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William Tan
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Once again, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to F&N and for giving us the opportunity to accompany Megamint to Osaka, on their journey to fulfill their dreams as nationally recognised dancers! Japan, here we come! CHEERS!!~!! Or as the Chinese would say, HUAT AH!!!!

Osaka, here we come!!

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