Importance of Capital Letters in your #HashTags

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We love them. We use them. We spam them.

In today's world of social media, everyone uses hashtags to try to categorise their tweets and photos. However, because of the inability to include spaces or underscores in these hashtags, there were bound to be mishaps.

Here's a quick tip for you humans: Always remember to use capital letters in your hashtags! Want to know what happens when you don't?

From one of the world's most memorable hashtag fails: #susanalbumparty

Susan Boyle may have a wonderful voice, too bad her PR team didn't come up with a hashtag that was as wonderful. It was supposed to be a hashtag to promote her new album, but apparently they were inadvertently promoting something else.

And the thing about the social media platforms nowadays is that you can correct your own mistake, but you can't stop others from reproducing the same mistake. Although the PR team managed to quickly update the hashtag to #SusanAlbumParty, the rest of the world still remembers it an open invitation for a mass orgy.

Here are a couple more hashtags that would definitely cause less confusion when properly capitalised:

#vegasslicker: Apart from being coined a big cheat in Vegas with #VegasSlicker, you have also have this weird habit of licking the bottoms of home-cooked vegetables as a #VegAssLicker.

#carblowerchallenge: If you are taking up a challenge to lower your carbo intake, remember to state it as a #CarbLowerChallenge. Or else people might think you like doing kinky stuff in cars with #CarBlowerChallenge.

#medicknowhow: Posting about techniques and skills you learnt as a paramedic? Hashtag it as #MedicKnowHow to save yourself the embarrassment of others thinking that you are asking for advice after you acted like an asshole. #MeDickNowHow

And of course, there are always those that you can't save no matter how hard you try. I would have to visit my #therapist too if I had told everyone that I enjoyed all my sessions with this honest-looking man. #Therapist

So, for all you hashtaggers out there, always remember to read and double-read a hashtag before you become part of a list that you wouldn't be proud to tell your friends about.

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