Gordon Ramsay Says NO to Sharks Fin, and you should too!

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Everyone's buzzing about the Gordon Ramsay Singapore Hawker Challenge that is happening this Sunday at Newton Food Centre.

In his typical Celebrity Chef fashion, Ramsay has accepted a challenge from some of Singapore's most renonwned Food Bloggers and Singtel, to learn and review [and even try to out-do] 3 of Singapore's most famous Hawker Food. Read more about it here:

But as my hipster habits would have it, the main topic of this post does not revolve around the current buzz in the community. However it's still something remotely related to the recent buzz - Gordon Ramsay.

My Babygirl has long been an avid anti-sharksfin soup supporter, and I have never really understood why... Until now.

While surfing facebook researching on current affairs at work, I chanced upon this youtube video of Gordon Ramsay trying sharks fin soup for the first time. My initial intention of watching the video was only just to find out what the Celebrity Chef thought of our Prized Chinese Dish. But in the end I walked away with much much more than just that review on the sharks fin soup.

Watch the video and you will understand what I'm talking about.

I used to be a major fan of sharks fin soup, and would gladly finish up any remaining portions that the rest of the diners on the table were too shy to take. But after watching this video and seeing how inhumanely the sharks are treated, I have vowed never to touch another bowl of sharks fin soup in my life.

After watching how the dish was prepared, I have confirmed my long-running suspicions that the great taste of the sharks fin soup actually comes from the SOUP BASE and not the FIN. And even that slight taste that you get from the fin itself comes from it being soaked in chicken essence for 5 freaking hours!

And all this just because of someone in ancient Chinese history telling someone else that eating sharks fin is a symbol of status and wealth. The thought probably came from the stigma that sharks are one of the apex predators of nature, and being able to be one up on them on the food chain means that you are the apex of the apex predator? Lame.

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Well traditions don't mean anything when they are illogical and irrelevant in today's world. Saying that eating sharks fin shows one's status and wealth is just like saying seating in the president's office shows your status and power. So does that mean that our president and his counterparts are less respected when they are walking down the streets of their country and not seated in their comfortable office? What rubbish is this?

And FYI, although sharks are built to kill, it's a fact that horses, cows and even hippos kill more humans each year as compared to sharks.

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If the sharks were killed in a quick, humane way, I might still consider going back to what was once one of my favourite dishes. However, looking at the way they de-fin the shark is just painful to say the least. And what's worse, they throw it back into the ocean after cutting off one of the core survival tools of the animal. Maybe we should take those people who still believe that eating sharks fin shows their status and wealth, cut off their arms and legs, and throw them back onto the busy streets of their CBD distrinct during rush hour.

Head on down to http://www.sharktrust.org to learn more about how we can do our part to protect these beautiful and endangered species from going extinct in the most horriblest of ways. I'm sure you won't want your future grandchildren to only know about sharks through pictures and 3D holographic images right?

Pledge your support for sharktrust today!


  1. nice post bro ... like you, I have been pretty neutral on the sharks fin thingy.

    maybe ask the people who support finning them to live as I did for 2 weeks on wheelchair. ;)

  2. Nice one bro. I just had my first 'say no to sharks fin soup' over the last weekend. And damn it felt good!