The 7 Deadly Sins of Today, The Minute Man Version


We all have them. No, I'm not talking about those fuzzy images that float by when we are in deep slumber every night. I'm talking about the vision of where you hope to be somewhere down the road. That nagging feeling deep down inside of you that pops its head up at every opportunity it gets.

Take my current desktop wallpaper for example.

It's dim, fuzzy, unclear, and you have no idea how you are ever going to get there.

Yet, despite the cloud of uncertainty surrounding it, you know its shape, its name, you feel that it's really awesome and you really hope to get there someday, somehow.

Apart from the material gains, the underlying reason for wanting something like this is mainly to be viewed by society as someone with status and class. At some point or another, most of us will dream of having at least one of these 7 deadly sins [the Minute Man Version]:

  • Authority
  • Bragging Rights
  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Popularity
  • Wealth
  • Social Importance
  • Status

Authority - The want to have unchallenged influencing power over the actions of others. Be it in terms of position, age or experience.

Bragging Rights - The want to have the opportunity to boast that you are the top person in any particular field, and no one else has achieved what you have achieved.

Physical Attractiveness - The want to be visually appealing to others, such that others will want to get closer to you.

Popularity - The want to be idolised by the masses.

Wealth - The want to be financially secure to a point where financial value is not a deciding factor.

Social Importance - The want to be deemed as someone important to society, to a point whereby your absence will cause a commotion in society.

Status - The want to be someone who society looks up to, as well as someone who many people aspire to be like.

In fact, most of our dreams spawn from the very definitions of these sins. What's even worse, is that people often attain many of these sins together at the same time. [No, I don't really believe in religion and, no, this post is not about preaching and promoting any form of religion]

Take for example, you set a new world record for the longest time staying seated on a donkey. With that, you gain the Bragging Rights of being the world record holder, and at the same time, the traditional and social media covering your successful record breaking attempt gains you Popularity from the mass and social media.

Now, because of your success, you have also gained the Authority to set donkey-seating standards and you are suddenly the Guru of donkey-seating. [If there was ever such a thing] Come tomorrow, donkey farmers across the globe will be knocking on your door asking for million-dollar endorsements for their donkeys, providing you with unexpected Wealth.

Just like that, you have unknowingly attained 4 out of the 7 sins by literally just sitting on your ass the whole day.

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I'm not saying that these dreams are bad and we shouldn't be chasing them. In fact, most of the time, having dreams is a good thing. And most dreams are usually about attaining something more meaningful. And the 7 sins are by-products of these meaningful goals.

Knowledge begets Authority, Achievements allow for Bragging Rights, Healthy lifestyles enhances Physical Attractiveness, Talent generates Popularity, Financial Stability produces Wealth, Public Contribution results in Social Importance and Success gives rise to Status.

Too many times humans are too focused on trying to attain the by-products rather than focusing on the  actual goals themselves. It has even come to a point where some people have even made shortcuts to these by-products available to people who can pay the right price.

If you think about it, it is a vicious cycle. When we are young, society sort of dictates what our dreams and aspirations should be. And when we grow up with these perceptions in mind, we become part of the very society that will influence the future generations on their dreams and aspirations.

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Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up. The typical answers from most of them [especially in Singapore] would be "I want to be a doctor!" or "I want to be a lawyer!". Have you ever heard any child say "I want to be a Garbage Collector!"

But is the Garbage Collector's job less important than a Doctor's job? Imagine what it would be like if all our garbage collectors stopped working for 1 month? Our homes would become unliveable due to the stench and clutter of the piled up rubbish.

But imagine a kid who was constantly being told that being a garbage collector was the most noble job on the planet. He would grow up dreaming of one day becoming a garbage collector himself. Every person and job has an equal part to play in building our society, and yet some are more respected than others. It all boils down to 1 word. Money.

As the age-old saying goes: Money is the root of all evil. So, being the kind Samaritan that I am, I am giving you the exclusive offer to rid yourself of all evil by passing all your money to me.[Sound like something many wealthy organisations out there are saying]

I'm kidding. Money does not really entice me that much. If I were to be charged in the court of sins, I would most probably be guilty of Physical Attractiveness and Status.

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins of Today are you guilty of?

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