Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4 Prelims

Be it as a supporter of a crew, a blogger or just someone who enjoys dance, I am always present at all the Singapore Dance Delight (SDD) prelims!

This year, I got a front row seat to cover Volume 4 of the Singapore Dance Delight as one of the official bloggers, thanks to the cool people at F&N! Are you ready for some awesome grooves and jaw-dropping moves? If so, read on!


Presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks and organised by O School, Singapore Dance Delight is the largest street dance competition in Singapore! The winners will have the honour of representing Singapore in the Japan Dance Delight, where dancers from all over the world compete for the title of the best street dance crew.

This year saw a total of 38 teams showing off their moves at the preliminary rounds held at the Vivocity Amphitheatre on 30 March 2013.

Arriving almost 1 hour before the official starting time of the event, Mint Leong and myself were shocked to see that the entry queue was already beginning to snake around the amphiteatre!

Look at that queue!!!

Of course, being one of the official bloggers chosen to cover the event does have its perks. And one of it was being able to skip the queue thanks to this cool little cardboard hanging around my neck!

My F&N SDD4 Media Pass!

So instead of queuing, we had some time to take a few candid photos with some of the F&N props nearby!

F&N Posters plastered throughout the Amphitheatre. All in my favourite colour too!

A poster of last year's winners: Da' Street Soulz!

There were also 2 giant cans of F&N Sparkling Drinks just beside the entrance of the Ampitheatre. And being in such a hyped up environment, who could resist posing with these props?

Which is your favourite? Groovy Grape or Outrageous Orange? 

Babygirl likes the Groovy Grape so much I think she wants to bring it home!

Me? I was just so thirsty that I could drink the whole can!
Too bad I'm too short to reach that straw that the can is just too tall!

 The refreshing fizz of F&N Sparkling Drinks just lifts you off your feet!

Managed to catch one of the crews having their photo taken with the SDD4 backdrop!
Why so serious guys? Lighten up!

All the early-birds and media were provided with goodie bags from F&N!

What's in those goodie bags you ask? Well, let's find out!

First up, we have a huge F&N poster that I can stick up on my room wall.

Then there's the F&N Twitter badge that includes the hashtag for the day: #fnnsdd4

There was also a thoughtful arm-powered cardboard fan that we could use to cool ourselves from the evening heat

And most importantly, an F&N goodie bag would not be complete without not one, but two F&N sparkling drinks to quench that thirst and make you go "Aahhhhhhhh....."

There was even this cool giant billboard that splashed out LIVE tweets with the hashtag #fnnsdd4!

Once the doors opened, the crowd started to pour in and fill the up the amphitheatre within minutes!

 Just look at that crowd!

Having been actively involved in the dance scene during my uni days, I managed to spot many familiar friends and faces!

Ryan and Kenny from O School!

Allegra with her trademark goldfish!

Both Ryan and Allegra were my instructors during my time in SIM Dreamwerkz dance crew. I have the utmost respect for them not only as great dancers, but as wonderful instructors and awesome people as well.

Next up, introducing the judges of Singapore Dance Delight Volume 4:

Ryan Tan
Photo taken from

A familiar face in the local dance scene, Ryan Tan is the creative director of O School and has represented Singapore for many international competitions, including the World Planet Dance Competition, where he camin in 5th out of 26 countries! Ryan has become one of the most well-respected dancer cum instructor in Singapore.

An An

Photo taken from

One of the members of last year's Singapore Dance Delight Volume 3 winning team: Da' Street Soulz, An An is another familiar face in the Singapore dance screne. Well-known by dancers for her never-ending energy in hard-hitting hip hop choreography, An An shares her passion for dance by teaching classes as an instructor of O School.


Photo taken from

From the world famous Wrecking Crew Orchestra (WCO) Dance Crew, Bon and his crew have won many awards, including being crowned the winner of Japan Dance Delight Volume 10, 2003. WCO have been invited to many international dance performances to showcase their awesome technique and style.

As the judges take their seats at the judging panel...

All the teams in the contestant holding area start to feel a little anxious and excited at the same time...

The look on their faces says it all

The stage is ready for an awesome show... Are you?

Our hosts for the evening, Eden and Theresa, got the crowd warmed up and hyped by busting some moves of their own! Sexahhh~

And soon it was time for the first team to strut their stuff!

Check out some of the awesome shoots I was able to capture through the night!
[Warning: Photo-spamming coming up]

Click here if you wanna skip through the following 200+ photos...

[Phew... That was a lot of photos to upload...]

Here's a quick video that sums up all the performances that night:

Just before they released the results, the judges gave their comments about dancing in a competition.

I so agree with Ryan when he said that it's not always about having the best dance moves, but rather you should be putting on a performance that both you and the audience can enjoy. No one likes to see a dancer pulling a long face in a performance. If you don't enjoy your own performance, how do you expect others to enjoy it too?

And finally, here are the 12 teams that will be competing to represent Singapore in the Japan Dance Delight:

The Basic Fives

Le Flair

Yes Yes Yow

G'De Rellas

Freekzy Bots

A.O.C (All Out Crew)




Kool Kidz Kru



Of course, showmen would not be showmen if they were to shy away from the camera. Here are some candid shots of the winners celebrating and trying their best to get captured on camera, all while trying to keep everything within the constraints of the stage.

It was such an exhilarating experience to be able to get back into the dance scene after so long. I wanna say a big Thank you to F&N for giving me the chance to cover this event. Along with me were 5 other bloggers who were also given the privilege to cover this event. You can say that we were the Bloggers on duty for that evening!

Check out our profiles and blogs at

Congratulations to all 12 finalists and see you guys at the finals! I can't wait to see what exciting performances await us at the finals of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4!

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to O School and grab your tickets now!

The finals of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.4 will be held on 13 April 2013, at the Kallang Theater.
Tickets are selling at $15 and $20 each, while stocks last! See you there humans!

But wait! There's more!

Want to support our winning team in the Regional Finals of this year's Japan Dance Delight?
Well, F&N will be giving 1 lucky winner and his partner an All-Expenses-Paid 3D2N trip to Japan to be part of this year's Japan Dance Delight!

All you have to do is to take a photo of yourself enjoying any F&N drink and post that photo in twitter, with the hashtag #fnnsdd4!

It's that simple! Get snapping now and you might just be on your way to Japan to watch the regional finals!

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