Interview with Singapore Dance Delight Vol 4 Finalist - Yes Yes Yow

As you all know, I was assigned 2 teams from the 12 Singapore Dance Delight finalists to interview. If you haven't watched the first interview I did with The Basic Fives, go on and watch it here!

The second team I had the privilege to interview was Yes Yes Yow, who came down to from Indonesia just to participate in this year's Singapore Dance Delight! This is proof that dance is really an international language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

I applaud all dancers who dare to venture out of their country into foreign lands just for the sake of dance. Each dancer has his own reasons for doing so, be it to experience different dance cultures, to learn new techniques and styles or even just to share their dance with other like-minded individuals.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what these 2 awesome dancers have to say...
[Also, keep an eye out for a special guest appearance by Mint Leong in the video!]

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