The 7 Deadly Sins of Today, The Minute Man Version


We all have them. No, I'm not talking about those fuzzy images that float by when we are in deep slumber every night. I'm talking about the vision of where you hope to be somewhere down the road. That nagging feeling deep down inside of you that pops its head up at every opportunity it gets.

Take my current desktop wallpaper for example.

It's dim, fuzzy, unclear, and you have no idea how you are ever going to get there.

Yet, despite the cloud of uncertainty surrounding it, you know its shape, its name, you feel that it's really awesome and you really hope to get there someday, somehow.

Apart from the material gains, the underlying reason for wanting something like this is mainly to be viewed by society as someone with status and class. At some point or another, most of us will dream of having at least one of these 7 deadly sins [the Minute Man Version]:

  • Authority
  • Bragging Rights
  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Popularity
  • Wealth
  • Social Importance
  • Status

Authority - The want to have unchallenged influencing power over the actions of others. Be it in terms of position, age or experience.

Bragging Rights - The want to have the opportunity to boast that you are the top person in any particular field, and no one else has achieved what you have achieved.

Physical Attractiveness - The want to be visually appealing to others, such that others will want to get closer to you.

Popularity - The want to be idolised by the masses.

Wealth - The want to be financially secure to a point where financial value is not a deciding factor.

Social Importance - The want to be deemed as someone important to society, to a point whereby your absence will cause a commotion in society.

Status - The want to be someone who society looks up to, as well as someone who many people aspire to be like.

In fact, most of our dreams spawn from the very definitions of these sins. What's even worse, is that people often attain many of these sins together at the same time. [No, I don't really believe in religion and, no, this post is not about preaching and promoting any form of religion]

Take for example, you set a new world record for the longest time staying seated on a donkey. With that, you gain the Bragging Rights of being the world record holder, and at the same time, the traditional and social media covering your successful record breaking attempt gains you Popularity from the mass and social media.

Now, because of your success, you have also gained the Authority to set donkey-seating standards and you are suddenly the Guru of donkey-seating. [If there was ever such a thing] Come tomorrow, donkey farmers across the globe will be knocking on your door asking for million-dollar endorsements for their donkeys, providing you with unexpected Wealth.

Just like that, you have unknowingly attained 4 out of the 7 sins by literally just sitting on your ass the whole day.

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I'm not saying that these dreams are bad and we shouldn't be chasing them. In fact, most of the time, having dreams is a good thing. And most dreams are usually about attaining something more meaningful. And the 7 sins are by-products of these meaningful goals.

Knowledge begets Authority, Achievements allow for Bragging Rights, Healthy lifestyles enhances Physical Attractiveness, Talent generates Popularity, Financial Stability produces Wealth, Public Contribution results in Social Importance and Success gives rise to Status.

Too many times humans are too focused on trying to attain the by-products rather than focusing on the  actual goals themselves. It has even come to a point where some people have even made shortcuts to these by-products available to people who can pay the right price.

If you think about it, it is a vicious cycle. When we are young, society sort of dictates what our dreams and aspirations should be. And when we grow up with these perceptions in mind, we become part of the very society that will influence the future generations on their dreams and aspirations.

Image taken from

Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up. The typical answers from most of them [especially in Singapore] would be "I want to be a doctor!" or "I want to be a lawyer!". Have you ever heard any child say "I want to be a Garbage Collector!"

But is the Garbage Collector's job less important than a Doctor's job? Imagine what it would be like if all our garbage collectors stopped working for 1 month? Our homes would become unliveable due to the stench and clutter of the piled up rubbish.

But imagine a kid who was constantly being told that being a garbage collector was the most noble job on the planet. He would grow up dreaming of one day becoming a garbage collector himself. Every person and job has an equal part to play in building our society, and yet some are more respected than others. It all boils down to 1 word. Money.

As the age-old saying goes: Money is the root of all evil. So, being the kind Samaritan that I am, I am giving you the exclusive offer to rid yourself of all evil by passing all your money to me.[Sound like something many wealthy organisations out there are saying]

I'm kidding. Money does not really entice me that much. If I were to be charged in the court of sins, I would most probably be guilty of Physical Attractiveness and Status.

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins of Today are you guilty of?

Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Finals Video Highlights

Here it is everyone! The video highlights of the Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Finals held at the Kallang Theatre on 13 April 2013!

For those of you who didn't manage to catch the action yet, here's a video of all the performing teams that took part during that energetic night!

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to our newly crowned Champion of 2013, who will be representing Singapore in the Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 in Osaka, Japan!

Check out more awesome photos taken at the Finals in my previous post!

Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Finals!!

For those of you who have read my post and watched the video of the Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Prelims held at Vivocity Amphitheatre, I know you'll be eager to know what happened during the Finals! So here goes...

Presented by F&N and organised by O School The Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Finals was held last Saturday, 13/04/2013, at the Kallang Theatre. The  12 winners of the Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Prelims joined another 10 winning crews from prelims held around the region to vie for the title of Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 Champion. Winning teams from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam gave the 12 teams from Singapore some stiff competition and once again shows that the language of dance transcends gender, race and even nationalities.

In addition to being crowned the winner of one of Singapore's most prestigious dance competitions, the winners of Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 will enjoy an all-expenses-paid 4 Day 3 Night trip to Osaka, Japan to represent Singapore in Japan's own Dance Delight Vol 20!!

Watch the trailer here:

While I'm typing this, I'm still suffering from the post-show symptoms such as a sore-throat [from screaming too much], unexplained sudden jolts of happiness [no, those free F&N drinks were not spiked], and basically the urge to get on my feet and dance whenever some happening music plays. [Yes. I'm pretty sure those drinks were NOT spiked]

Mint Leong and me were running a little late for the event and when we arrived, everyone was already making their way into the Theatre to get seated. Judging by the organised chaos remaining at the waiting area, there must have been an awesome pre-party before we got there.

The evidence of an awesome pre-party!

Cherry, Grape, Orange or Me?

There were drink counters handing out free F&N sparking drinks to the waiting fans to quench their thirst while they waited for the doors to open. I particularly liked the cool dispensers that you could just plug any F&N bottle into and turn it into an instant drink dispenser! The person who created this should get an award!

All you can to do was to push forward on the transparent part and the drink would magically flow out of the tap into your cup! The only down-side of this dispenser was that there was always a little bit of drink left in the bottle as it couldn't work once the remaining drink level in the bottle reaches below the height of the tap. But still, it's a great invention!

There were even photo booths on both levels where guests could get their photos taken and printed into a cool mini photo flipbook that made the photos into a mini stop-motion movie! Everyone was getting creative with the cute and colourful props!

Releasing their Sparkly sides!

We managed to get our tickets from the ticket collection booth even though we were slightly late!


The atmosphere didn't change once we were inside the theatre. Everyone was abuzz with excitement, anxiety and anticipation for the show to start. The crowd just kept pouring in until all seats in the theatre were filled!

Full house in the Kallang Theatre, even up top!

I was super impressed with the entire multimedia setup of the event! The screens there were giant screens on both sides of the stage and it almost seemed like each of them had a mind of its own! As you can see from the picture, they were showing all the different teams across all the screens!

And of course, there was the LIVE tweeter feed showing all the tweets with the #fnnsdd4 hashtag. Some of these tweets were really creative and funny!

Soon, the lights dimmed, the side screens turned into massive F&N LED banners and the crowd cheered as they started playing the intro video on the massive screen.

And out of nowhere, a spotlight came on, turning our focus to the center of the stage and to...


Straight from Japan, the creator of Dance Delight himself, Mitsuhiro Harada, a.k.a. Machine, was getting into the groove and entertaining the crowd with his slick moves! All of a sudden, we were watching the judges themselves strut their stuff on stage!

The next judge hailing from half way around the globe, New York, was...

James Brown, better known as Loose Joint, is a highly sought after back-up dancer and choreographer with 30 years of experience. He also co-founded the Elite Force Crew, which has performed for world renowned  artists such as Mariah Carey, Will Smith, TLC and even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Next up was a man who needed no introduction, our very own Ryan Tan! A respected and well-known face in the local dance scene, Ryan has represented Singapore for the World Planet Dance Competition and came in 5th out of 26 countries!

Look at those legs!

Next came another highly sought after dancer and choreographer, who has appeared on many popular dance shows such as America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Tony Tzar has traveled around the world to work with names such as Britney Spears, Jason Derulo and Lyaz.

And last but definitely not least, the spotlight turned to Madoka! Another familiar name in the especially when it comes to popping. Previously from Former Action Crew, a crew famous for their popping, Madoka wowed us with his water-like waves and hard pops.

If I had 10 cents for every "Wooo!", "Yeah!" and "Oooohhh!" screamed during their solos, I would probably be a millionaire now.

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so why don't I let the videos flashed up on the giant screen speak for themselves...

And who better to kick off such a young and funky show then the one and only Sheikh Haikel, all decked out in his hip-hop dance gear!

Other than helping to kick things off, he also got the crowd more hyped-up than they already were!
[Any more excitement and I'm sure there would have been a riot there and then!]

And so, without further ado, I present to you, the photos taken from from the performances!
[Kindly pardon the photobombs by the official photographers. They're just doing their jobs...]


Hip Hop Hooray


Black Jack

Le Flair


Platinum Collection

Yes Yes Yow!


G'De Rellas


Hybrids of Freedom

Feel So Funky


Flipendemic Kru


Zassy B*tch


Blu Cru

The Basic Fives

Kool Kidz Kru

Freekzy Bots

Phew... Uploading all those photos really made me thirsty. If only I could get a giant can of F&N Cool Ice Cream Soda right now... *Slurps*

So anyway, the judges gave their comments just before the results were released. And the overall consensus was that the standard of Singapore Dance Delight was really getting higher and higher! Kudos to all the dancers who put in their heart and soul to give us such a wonderful performance!

And finally, the time had come to announce the winners of this year's Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04...

The 2nd runner-up went to...


The first runner-up went to...


And the champion of Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04 goes to...


Congratulations to the winners of this year's Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04!!

In fact, all the teams were already winners to be able to perform in such an amazing exhibition of skill and showmanship! I'm sure all of them will remember this experience for the rest of their lives!

And of course, what's a winning team without their obligatory media interview? Here are some candid shots of the teams during their interviews.

Once again, congratulations to Megamint, our Champion of Singapore Dance Delight Vol 04! They will be representing Singapore in Japan's own Dance Delight Vol 20!
[And 2 of the official bloggers will be chosen to go along with them to cover the event! *Hint* *Hint*]

I would like to thank F&N and for giving the myself and the other official bloggers the chance to cover this event as those of you who know me know that I was quite into the dance scene during my university days...

Stayed tuned for my video of the teams' performances during the finals! It will be up soon, I promise!

But wait! Do you dream of joining Megamint in Osaka, Japan for the Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Finals??

The good people at F&N Sparkling Drinks are organising the "F&N Fulfills Your Dreams" contest on Twitter! The winner will win a 4 Day 3 Night package for 2 to Osaka, Japan, to cheer on Megamint and witness the crowning of the Japan Dance Delight Vol 20 Champion!

All you have to do is to tweet about why you should be chosen to go along with our champions to Osaka Japan, and include the hashtag #fnnsdd4 in your tweet. Remember to include the hashtag #fnnsdd4 in your tweet or the people at F&N won't know about it!

There is no limit to the number of entries, so go on, go crazy with your creative answers and you just might be on your way to Osaka Japan to be part of Japan Dance Delight Vol 20!!