BATA Spring/Summer Collection 2013 is here!

BATA Spring summer collection 2013

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions BATA? [Apart from "Buy And Throw Away"?] That's right. I don't know about kids these days, but those you grew up in the 90s will know what we always went to BATA to look for new white school shoes every time our old ones worn out.

We would even use the chalk from the whiteboard to "clean" the dirty spots on our shoes!

When we were young, it was considered the trend in primary school to get velcro-on school shoes. Parents really had to thank BATA for the endless hours that would be wasted helping their children tie-up laced shoes before they left for school.

Then in secondary school, the trend shifted to towards the laced-up shoes. While most of us still bought our laced-up school shoes from BATA, the "cooler" kids made things a little more complicated by getting Converse shoes... But that's another story for another day.

Anyway, fast-forward to present day Singapore. Today, if you step into any of the BATA stores (use their store locator to find one near you) and you realise that BATA has evolved so much since the school shoe days.

The BATA of today boasts a wide range of footwear ranging from their flagship school shoes to trendy casuals (for guys) and flats (for girls) for the weekends, to formal leather office shoes (for guys) and classy heels (for girls)!

What's more, they are no longer the Buy And Throw Away quality that we once thought they were in our school days! [During those days, I had to get a new pair of shoes practically every half a year]

Mint Leong and myself where not supposed to be at the BATA Meets Bloggers Spring Summer Collection Preview launch, but a supposed casual dinner with Hplity and William Tan turned into us inadvertently tagging along for the event. Here's a big thank you to BATA Singapore for allowing us to gatecrash the event!

We were first introduced to the history of BATA and their hands-on process of Research & Development to come up with new designs that are trendy and fashionable but at the same time do not compromise on comfort and practicality.

I bet you didn't know that BATA was crowned as the "Largest Shoe Retailer and Manufacturer" by The Guiness Book of Records for having retail outlets in over 70 countries and production lines in 26 countries. And here we thought that BATA was just a small-time local company cashing in on the school shoe policy in Singapore.

Random Trivia: Where did BATA first originate from? 

Singapore? JB? Some say Batam? [oops wrong show...]

You are absolutely.... WRONG! BATA was founded in Switzerland in 1894! [Which makes it almost a hundred years older than you]

After the detailed insight on their design and development process, all the bloggers were allowed to pick a bag and a pair of shoes from the new Spring/Summer Collection to bring home!

Let the shopping frenzy begin!!

Girls being... well... girls....

While the guys just played it cool and waited for the ladies to disperse before deciding our bag and shoes in half the time the girls did... I'm not saying guys are not as picky as girls when it comes to quality, but rather, we are more efficient and make faster decisions! [I'm sure you're gonna get flamed for this comment]

Take this for example: Not sure which bag looks nicer on you? The solution is simple! Wear both and go around asking for feedback!!



After surfing the remains of what was left from the disaster called "Women Shopping", I managed to pick out my bag and shoes. Unfortunately, due to my immaculate knack of spotting quality products and designs, the shoe I selected was from the batch of New Arrival products and they did not have my size in stock. Thus, I ended up having to select another pair for the photoshoot.

They even had a photo booth for us to snap photos we can use for the BATA Bloggers Style Contest, where the top 4 bloggers with the most likes get a 3D2N trip to Jakarta to visit the BATA factory! Vote for me by:

1. Liking the BATA Shoe Singapore page
2. Liking my photo in this photo album

Here's a shameless photo spam of some of the shoots during the photoshoot to end off this post. Give BATA a chance the next time you walk by one of their stores and you just might be in for a pleasing surprise!

While taking this shot, someone commented that I look like the guy in poster behind.
Well, I say I pulled it off better than him! =P

I met so many popular local bloggers at the event! Too bad I have the memory and attention span of a goldfish and couldn't remember many of their names. Find out more on which bloggers were invited to their event from Mint Leong's post!

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