[Review] My New Crizal UV Glasses for the New Year

Just in time for Chinese New Year, I managed to get my new pair of Crizal UV glasses!

We all know that UV rays are harmful to our skin and can cause skin burn and even some forms of skin cancer. We consciously make the effort to take care of our skin by trying not to stay out in the sun for too long, [especially with Singapore's scorching heat] and to apply sunblock when we have to stay in the sun.

But how many of us have ever put in the effort to protect our EYES from UV rays? Did you know that UV exposure has been proven to accelerate eye aging and the appearance of cataracts, amongst other vision problems? Research has also shown that a whooping 40% of UV rays can reach our eyes even when we are not in full sunlight! To make matters worse, sunlight is not the only source of UV rays, they can even come from other sources of light!

Crizal UV

I believe that other than wearing a pair of shades while out in the sun, most humans are at a loss when it comes to UV protection for their eyes. But fret not, Essilor is proud to present it's latest breakthrough! Crizal UV lenses that offer both front and back UV protection, a first in the market.

Most UV protective eyewear lenses are able to block the harmful UV light from the front, however, UV light  is also being reflected back into our eyes from the insides of your eyewear. Take a look at this:

Ouch! That's like having a magnifying glass focus the UV rays straight into your eyes!

The new Crizal UV coating provides 360-degree UV protection for the eyes by minimising visible and UV reflection from the back, providing protection from both the front and the back of its lenses.

Existing claims of "100% UV Protection" lenses only block 100% of the UV transmission from the front of the lenses. With this new findings, a new protection index called the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) has been developed to take into account UV light coming from all directions.

Crizal UV lenses come with a 25 E-SPF rating, which means that the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV than without any lenses. Learn more about E-SPF here.

What's more, Crizal UV lens start from $150.00. That's a small price to pay for full-fledged UV protection for your eyes!

crizal UV

I've always been more of a contact lens person, preferring to wear contact lenses whenever I go out [yes, we all know how vain you are...] instead of my glasses. Normally I would only wear my glasses at home or when my eyes [more like eyebags...] are in bad shape.

However, the good people at Crizal UV by Essilor have offered to sponsor my new Crizal UV lenses! The only downside is that I have to pay for the frames. Well, at least I get to choose the frames that I want. Now that I have my stylish glasses, I'm not afraid to wear them out in public any more!!

Babygirl and I went down to the Capitol Optical Outlet at Tampines Mall, but sadly we didn't find any frames that could catch our attention there. So we made another trip to their outlet at Raffles Place Shopping Centre. [Read up on what she had to say here]

Specs Day Out!
It's a Specky day out! 

First, the friendly optician [so sad that we forgot her name!] did the standard vision tests for both of us...

Testing Testing
Testing Testing 1,2,3...

Can you read the last line?
Can you read the last line?

And I am proud to say that for the very first time, my eyesight prescription STAYED THE SAME!!!

Usually when I visit the optician for an eye test, they will always tell me that my eyesight has worsened and my prescription degree has to be increased. Woohoo! Hopefully my eyesight has finally stabilised!

Colin Test Specs

Next up, it was baby's turn to run the test...

Eye Machine
Scanning... Scanning...

While we are trying to focus on a house on the horizon from our end, I've always wondered what the optician sees on their end. From the way she's holding the joystick, it looks like she's playing pac-man or something.

Who knows, maybe it is all a conspiracy  the machine actually automatically detects your eyesight prescription, while the optician gets to play a quite game of pac-man or pong while waiting, and their screen is inside of the machine just to make them look like they are working!

Amazing Eye Test?
I wonder what's so fascinating... For me I only saw a bunch of letters

Funky Specs
They should make specs accessories like this! I would definitely buy it! Nerd + Cool all rolled in one!

Colin's Prescription
My personal prescription card!

After getting our eyesight checked, the next order of business was to choose a frame. If you have ever gone shopping with me, you will know how picky and choosy I am when buying stuff that cost a significant amount of money.

We tested through all the frames in the shop that caught our eyes, and I finally cut the selection down to just these 2...

Colin Choosing Specs

Mint Leong said that I look like an uncle when I was deciding between these 2. But in my opinion, this was the easiest way to compare them!

We finally decided on our frames and lenses, before paying up. The whole process of testing and choosing of frames took us about an hour! Now all we had to do was to patiently wait for our new glasses to arrive!

*Tick* *Tock* *Tick* *Tock*

*Fast Forward to 1 week later*

I got a call from Capitol Optical informing me that our glasses are ready for collection. Woohoo! I excited headed down to the shop after work. Hold your breath... Here comes the unboxing of my new Crizal UV Glasses!

New Specs
Guess which one belongs to who?


My chio new Ray-Ban glasses!

Now, time for the transformation!

*Plays transformer cyborgtic sounds*

Before Glasses    After Glasses
Before                                                                               After

Looks Good no?

Let's see what Crizal UV lens promises us...
Crizal Lens eliminates the 5 enemies of clear vision:

  • Repel Water
  • Repel Dust
  • Fight Smudges
  • Resist Scratches
  • Reduce Reflections

*Notice that it states "Dramatisation" on the bottom right near the start of the video.
Now let's put them to the test...

Test 1: Repel Water
I usually shower with my glasses on, so a simple test would be to go about my usual shower activities with my new Crizal Lenses on. Here's a shot of me just after my shower.

Oops... Looks like you can't believe everything you see on TV. There were still water droplets on my Crizal lenses, unlike the advertisement where they seem to slide off like marbles on a waxed floor.

However, it's obvious that no one would leave those water droplets on your lenses without cleaning them off. Now here comes the true power of the Crizal lenses...

With a single sheet of toilet paper, I wiped 1 side of my glasses in 1 single downward stroking motion and...

Woah! with just 1 wipe, all the water is gone! And it didn't even leave wipe marks!

But wait... There's more!

I used the SAME piece of tissue to wipe off the other side of the glasses and...

It's so clean and clear that it even seems like the lenses are not even there!! Bravo!!

Verdict: Repel Water - Passed!

Test 2: Repel Dust
For this test, I took some baby powder in my palm, and blew it towards my specs with some force. To get a better feel of the results, I did the same experiment with my previous glasses too!

And the results at the end of by "blowjob"...

 My old glasses

 My New Crizal Lenses

As you can see, there was substantially less powder stuck on the Crizal lenses as compared to my old glasses.

And I was even more surprised by how easy it was to completely blow the remaining powder off the lenses without even needing to wipe the lense!

Verdict: Repel Dust - Outstanding!

Test 3: Fight Smudges
One of the most irritating things that anyone wearing spectacles will experience is smudges and fingerprints on their lenses. Well, this seems to be a straight-forward test. All we have to do is to wipe my finger across the lenses and there should be smudges right?

Playing the fruit ninja on my Crizal lenses...

Look ma! No prints!

I took the test 1 step further by sliding my thumb and index finger across the lens...

And the results...

Yes, although there were a couple of smudge marks after my finger slide, the marks were very minimal and only appeared on places where I had exerted the most force on the lens. 

On top of that, with 1 single wipe of my shirt, all the smudge marks magically disappeared into thin air! 

Verdict: Fight Smudges - Passed!

Test 4: Resist Scratches
Now why would I even attempt to destroy my new glasses? I'm not retarded. [Although you sometimes look like one]  I'm just gonna assume that what they said for this is true.

Well, in fact, just by using normal toilet paper and even my clothes to wipe the lenses already proves to a certain extent that they are scratch resistant!

So here's a retarded looking picture inserted at random!

Assumed Verdict: Resist Scratches - Passed!

Test 5: Reduce Reflections
To test the effectiveness of the reduced reflections, used a digital camera to take a few photos of myself in a dark room with the camera flash on. If there were any reflections on the lenses, it would definitely show up.

Now I know why celebrities wear their shades everywhere. It's not because they wanna act cool, but the flashes from those crazy paparazzi cameras are really irritating!

And here's a shoot with the lights on, just for good measure.

I think I was almost blind by the end of this test...

If you look very closely, you will be able to see a teeny tiny white circle in some of the shots. Other than that tiny little dot [No, I'm not referring to Singapore], there was practically no reflection from the camera flash at all!

Again I'm amazed by the clarity of these lenses. It really looks like I'm wearing a frame without any lenses! Let's see if you can spot the difference! One of these photos is taken with my Crizal lenses while the other is taken with my lenses plastic nerd glasses!

Which is which?    Which is which?

Verdict: Reduce Reflections - Outstanding!

Well, all in all, it looks like Crizal lenses really are one of the top quality brands of lenses in the market. And to a certain extent, they do deliver as promised.

But the most impressive characteristic of all is not any of the 5 listed above, it is really it's UV protection. My eyes are quite sensitive to sunlight and previously with my old glasses, I tend to squint a fair bit when in direct sunlight.

However, with the power of Crizal UV protection topped off with transition lenses, I can now see the world in its full glory even when I'm out in direct Sunlight!


  1. I really really like your Ray ban frames?
    How much was it altogether inclusive of the lens?

    1. Hi there! My frame was around mid $200 range. As for he lenses, it really depends on the lenses you choose. E.g. High-index, Transition etc etc. The range of Crizal UV Lenses start from around $150.00!

  2. Thanks for sharing such informative information with us. Yes you saying right that UV rays are so harmful for our skin and eyes. To protect them we should wear sunglasses.

  3. how much you bought your lens? im acutally quite interested to find out. Crizal UV + Transition

    1. It really depends on the lenses you choose. E.g. High-index, Transition etc etc.

      The range of Crizal UV Lenses start from around $150.00!

  4. not worth the money any good anti glare coating will do the same thing as Crizal I have it on my current glasses and it worked more or less as advertised for about 6-8months then it started coming off after about a year it was mostly gone not worth the cost when you can get better anti glare coating for 20percent of what they charge for Crizal. Just my experience.

    1. hi there! Well, everyone has their own preferences. Probably to me, the biggest advantage is the saving of the hassle to keep going back to get the coating replaced every 6-8 months.

      I've been using my glasses almost daily for more than a year, and everything is still as good as the first day I bought it.

  5. How much Crizal paid you to post this?

  6. Hi Anonymous, yes it was a sponsored post, where they sponsored the lenses, but rest assured that all views and comments written in this post are my own honest opinions.