5th Gatsby Dance Competition 2013

Image taken from the Gatsby Dance facebook page

Are you ready to get your groove on? The finals of the 5th annual Gatsby Dance Competition was held on 2nd Feb 2013 at Far East Plaza centerstage, with dancers vying for the the grand prize of $3,000 cash and the chance to represent Singapore in Tokyo for the regional Finals!

The Stage is set and the crowd is all hyped up as we wait for the appearance of the first of the finalists.

Look at the crowd!!

All packed even up to the fourth floor!

This year saw a total of 29 sign-ups wowing the crowds and impressing the judges with various styles of dance ranging from hip hop, street jazz, waacking, voguing and many others. I'm always impressed by the number of young, talented dancers appearing in our local scene. Singaporeans can dance too okay!

We were provided with "handy" [pardon the pun] clappers to save our palms from being sore from all that clapping.

Met fellow blogger Darren Sim at the event too! I have been getting to know more and more bloggers from attending all these events! It's always good to expand your social circle!

We had well-known dancers from Japan: Fishboy and Charisma Kantaro, as well as our very own Felix Huang and Tina Wang gracing the event as the judges of this final. I'm sure they had a really difficult time deciding on the winners as all of the finalists gave their best in their performances.

The four fantastic judges on the GATSBY poster!

Next up, photo spam of our finalists in the midsts of their performances!

Last year's winners: The Basic Fives

Cute, Fun and Cuddly: 88's

Turning on the Sexy: ASH

From Krumping to Lyrical: Freaky Nutz

The girls who ain't afraid to flaunt what they got: LB! Femmes

The only solo finalist (his name says it all): Sir Waackalot

Hip-hop themed: Team YOMO

Our very own Singapore Ninjas: We Will Be Back

Having joined SIM Hip-Hop dance crew in my university days, I have always been influenced by and admired dance crews that entertain the crowd with their performances rather than crews that focus purely on the choreography and techniques.

I strongly believe that watching a dance performance is just like watching a movie in the cinema. You can have plenty of gunfights, visual effects and explosions, but it will never be a GREAT movie unless it has a good storyline.

It's the same for dance. Even if the dancers have the world's best techniques, personally I don't feel that a performance is a good performance unless the crowd is entertained and amazed at the same time. There were a few performances that managed to do that during the finals, however, I still feel that this is an area in which Singapore dance crews can improve upon.

When dancing, we should not put our focus on getting the choreography right or executing the techniques correctly. That should be done during all the practice sessions prior to the performance. But during the performance itself, the most important thing to do is to enjoy yourself and enjoy the performance. Only when the performers are enjoying it themselves, will the audience feel that contagious energy and fun.

As quoted by guest judge Charisma Kantaro: "The participants showed a tremendous amount of discipline and skill, as well as the energy that all dancers should possess. There is plenty of talent for dance among Singapore's youth. The winner, in particular, demonstrated the best combination of dance, technique, entertainment and styling. We are delighted with the high standards that the Singapore leg of the 5th GATSBY Dance Competition has set."

Guest Judge Charisma Kantaro

Guest Judge Fishboy

While the results were being tabulated, there were these 2 GATSBY WAX mascots roaming around near the stage area... Hey wait a minute... That purple wax container looks familiar... That's my friend from SIM dance club too! Dance really brings people together one way or another!

GATSBY wax mascots

Announcing the results of the 5th GATSBY Dance Competition 2013 Singapore leg....

The Creative Dance Award goes to We Will Be Back for their unique and storyline and playacting.

Creative Dance Award - We Will Be Back

The Fan Favourite Award goes to 88's with a total of 530 likes for their video. They were my favourite performance in the finals too! Too bad they didn't make it to the top 3. :(

Fan Favourite Award - 88's

The Stylish Group Award goes to ASH for their Vouga-licious makeup and costumes. Sadly I couldn't find their performance on youtube. :(

Stylish Group Award - ASH

The GATSBY Award (2nd Runner-up) goes to The Basic Fives!

GATSBY Award (2nd Runner-up) - The Basic Fives

The Great BATSBY Award (1st Runner-up) goes to Freaky Nutz!!

The Great GATSBY Award (1st Runner-up) - Freaky Nutz

and the winner of the GATSBY Dance Competition 2013 Singapore goes to......

Our only solo finalist: Amin Alifin A.K.A. Sir Waackalot!!!!

Catch his heart-stomping performance here

The Greatest GATSBY Award (First Prize!) - Sir Waackalot (Amin Alifin)

All teams were invited on stage once again to snap the all important group photo! Say GATSBY DANCE!

Group Photo of all the finalists

Congratulations to Amin Alifin for winning the $3,000 cash prize, but more importantly the chance to represent Singapore in the grand finals held in Tokyo, Japan. We'll all be rooting for you Sir Waackalot!!

GATSBY Dance Competition 2013 Singapore Champion!

Watching all these young dancers just makes me wanna get back into the dance scene... How I miss the times when I was dancing every other day...

Here's a snipplet of SIM DWZ during my dancing days... See if you can spot me :P
[You ain't hard to spot. Just look for the shortest guy there...]

On a side note, there's also an attractive GATSBY giveaway for this event happening over at Mint Leong's blog! So remember to read up on her post which will be updated soon!

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  1. There are a couple teachers I really adore. The Salsa class's instructor and lady's styling teacher used to be my favorites. I think probably I attended one of the best salsa schools hands down.