Missing In Action?

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. I've just been super busy with work and other stuff from the start of this year. So here's some updates on what I've been up to this year so far:

1. Wurk Wurk... What You Wan Me Do?

Nothing much to say here. [And you can't say too much too...] Because of some new upcoming projects at work, I've been so rampantly killing my brain cells from the start of the year that I'm afraid I may not have any left by the end of the year. Hopefully the year of the snake will be a good year for my career!

2. Mint Showcase II

I've gained a new respect for people running backend operations. Having helped my Babygirl organise her 2nd Showcase, I realise how difficult/messy/frustrating/stressful backend operations can be. From managing the tight schedules and ensuring humans get their meals/make-up/start rehearsals on time, to packing of the goodies in the goodie bags, Mr Murphy tends to pop his big head in every chance he gets.

But it was definitely a good learning experience, especially since I have never been in the events/operations business before. But I'm proud to say that I still handled it like a pro!

My Babygirl organised her Mint Showcase II on the 12 and 13 of January 2013. It was a mini-concert of sorts where Mint and Band performed cover songs as well as originals written by both Mint and Desmond (The Bassist).

Here's a couple of my favourite songs performed during the showcase:

沙发 By Desmond Wong

依靠 by Mint Leong

To those haters who scream senseless hate comments [yes, we've seen your comments] about my Babygirl's singing, I have 3 words for u. GET A LIFE.

Yes, she may not be of superstar calibre such as the likes of Mariah Carey or 张惠妹, but she definitely has a good voice. If you want to give constructive criticism, we are more then happy to accept your comments.

Comments such as "Your voice projection is weak, you need to learn to project better." or "I didn't really feel your emotions from the song." will very much be acknowledged and thanked as they will help her to improve and grow.

But hate comments such as "Stupid *****, you're ***** and ***** and can't sing! You sound like a retarded *****!!" serve totally zero purpose except making the commenter look like an immature teenager desperately seeking for attention.

In any case, Mint Showcase II was a success and we hope to see Mint Showcase III next year!! Check out the official Mint Showcase II page here!

3. Sickness

It seems like the year of the snake is as poisonous as it gets. Just within the month of January, we were already hit by 3 major illnesses. [4 if you include your dad]

I was the first to get struck by the sickness cloud and it couldn't have picked a better day. [Apparently Rats are one of Snakes' favourite meals] It all started on a lazy New Year's Eve afternoon with a single tin of Kjeldsens Butter Cookies.

After polishing off the entire tin in 1 serving [yes, I AM a cookie monster with a major appetite], my tummy was feeling a little uneasy so I went to take a nap. Wrong move. When I woke up about half an hour later, there was already a tornado in my tummy.

I swore I was running faster than Ulsan Bolt dashing from my bed to the toilet, but turned into a frail old man as I hobbled back from the toilet to my bed. For the rest of the night, there was more water coming out from the back hole than from the front of my lower body. But the worse was yet to come. Just shortly after midnight, I practically puked out the entire tin of cookies back into the toilet bowl. And the puking didn't stop there either.

It was just hell going through that night. I even had to rely on the good old rubber hot water bottle to keep my tummy warm and obedient. Everyone should go get a rubber hot water bottle. It really works wonders when you have tummy problems. [But not the fat kind of problems!]

Luckily I recovered within a day after going to see the doctor and getting a truckload of medicine as you saw above. But the sickness cloud was still looming above with no intention of leaving.

The next to be hit was poor Bubble Leong. From the first week of the New Year, he had already started doing weird things like constantly shaking his head as if he was drying himself. But he was never wet to begin with.

To all doggie owners: If your doggie starts behaving like this, it may be a sign that your pet might be having an ear infection. Check the inside of both ears. You will notice that there will be a massive build-up of ear wax in the infected ear, even just 1 day after you cleaned it.

We hoped that by cleaning his ear daily, the infection would heal by itself, but apparently it didn't heal even after sending him to our groomer who also helped us wash his ears with disinfectant.

In the end we had to bring him to Pet Recovery Centre to see a vet. Bubble was so brave at the vet. Even though he was trembling as if he was in a meat freezer, he still allowed the vet to check up on him and only whined once when the vet was checking on his infected ear.

He's all healthy and recovered now, apart from the fact that he doesn't like to finish his food. Training pets is a time-consuming process. You'll need lots of patience and endurance to train them, but it will all be worthwhile when you are rewarded with a lifetime of loyalty and friendship.

Now here comes the big one. After the attack on myself and Bubble, the sickness cloud focused and released all its remaining energy on Mint Mint.

Long story short: Prolonged fever for almost 1 week. Highest recorded temperature 39.0 degrees. Poor appetite leading to gastric. Puking and Diarrhoea for 2 to 3 days. 2 visits to the doctor. Truckloads of medicine. Fever never subsided. Sleepless nights. Brought to A&E of Changi General Hospital. Put on 2 packets of drip. Given another truckload of medicine. Finally started to recover.

Lesson learnt from this hectic event?
If at first you don't succeed [by seeing a doctor], stop wasting time and go straight to A&E.

4. New Year Resolutions

Babygirl has been asking me to pen down my new year resolutions for 2013. To be honest, I don't normally set new year resolutions as I find it meaningless to only set resolutions at the start of the year. If the resolution is a good one, we should put it in our list to accomplish any time of the year.

But just for formality sake, here's my list of resolutions that I would want to check off by the end of the year:

1. Get a silver for my IPPT by March. Yes, you heard right, I FAILED by IPPT during reservist this year. [What an embarrassment!] So I gotta get back in shape and earn my Silver incentive!

2. Earn enough to support a car. [Earning enough doesn't mean I will buy it!]

3. Improve on my PR and small-talk skills

4. Maintain an active blog with at least 4 posts per month

5. A major holiday with Babygirl! [Current target: Taiwan]

6. Have some progress with my business plans... [Currently in TOP SECRET mode]

7. Achieve something of significant proportions

Anyone else have more resolutions that I can add to my list? Feels kinda short...