Taipei Station @ Bugis+

The nice people at Taipei Station were kind enough to let me tag along with Mint Leong for her food review. So in return, here's my own review of the treats we sampled that day.

Located on the 4th floor of Bugis+, the store front is easily spotted with their simple yet attractive red and white colour theme.

If you're not sure what to order, you can always take a look at their menu, which is conveniently placed on the left side of the store. This brightly lit up menu was even taller than me! No, actually it's because you're short. Shut up! I'm just the right height, all those other people are too tall!

On one side of the shop is an open-concept kitchen, where you can watch the chefs prepare your delicious food and drinks. Just don't stare at them for too long, as that might make them uneasy and result in your food being overcooked/undercooked.

On the other side of the shop is the dining area, where there are ample number of seats for customers to enjoy their food straight from the kitchen. The seating arrangement was comfortable for me, but may be a little tight for plus-sized humans. Ahhhh... The advantages of being minute~

We shared the table with bloggers Silver Ang, Zoe Raymond and Alvin.

Now, it's time for the main reason we came here... Fooooooood! *Slurps~*

Being a Taiwan style cafe, I was surprised that they only had 4 types of bubble tea to choose from:

1. Jasmine Green Tea with Pearl (S$2.50)
2. Milk Green Tea with Pearl (S$2.50)
3. Honey Oolong Milk Tea with Pearl (S$2.80)
4. Toffee Milk Tea with Pearl (S$2.80)

I tried the Honey Oolong Milk Tea, it was not too sweet and they gave a generous serving of pearls too. Drinking bubble tea always reminds me of the times when I was in secondary school, where my friends and I would finish the milk tea and leave the pearls untouched for...... BUBBLE TEA WARS!!

It was so much fun shooting the pearls at each other while trying to avoid being hit, especially when wearing white, which meant that every hit would be visible to the public until your clothes got to the washing machine.

Honey Oolong Milk Tea with Pearl

The food would be served in easy-to-manage-sized bags, that you could carry around and eat while doing some shopping if you wanted to. Now on to the food! What's Taiwan snacks without crispy chicken? Being a meat lover, I must have my chickens...

 Original Crispy Chicken (S$4.20)

Wasabi Crispy Chicken (S$4.50)

Cheese Crispy Chicken (S$4.50)
My Favourite!!

Subject focusing fail!!

The Chicken Bowls!

Crispy Taiwan Tempura (S$4.20)
This was a crowd favourite!! 

Fried Mushrooms (S$3.50)

The food was piling up faster than we could eat!!

Fried Broccoli (S$3.50)

Fried French Beans (S$3.50)
They have a main dish called "Crispy Vegetable Combo" if you want to try all 3 of the fried veges!

Tofu Cubes (S$3.00)
I likeeeeeee....

We were already almost exploding trying to finish all the chicken and vegetables. But wait, there's more! The next dish was the Braised Pork with Rice, a well known Taiwan speciality food. The braised pork was Mmmm... Mmmmmm... It would probably still taste good even if you brought it home and reheat it in the microwave.
(Actual Serving)

The bowl is just so "dabao-able"

And we were still not done yet. Next up was dry Cold Noodle with Peanut Sauce. They served it to us in the same paper bowls as the rest of the dishes.

This dish was a little too sweet for my liking, but humans with sweet tooths might like it

And the best dish of all in my opinion, Oyster Rice Vermicelli (S$4.90).

We tried our best to finish up as much as we could, but in the end we still had quite a bit of leftovers. We were even joked about asking them for the plastic covers so we could dabao the leftovers home. But what amazed me was how the 4 girl bloggers seated at the table beside us, who were mostly smaller sized than us, managed to finished ALL their food.

And not only that, they were like finishing off each dish before the next dish even arrived!! I heard that they were food bloggers. Well, they were really on a different level, one which I don't think I'll ever want to reach... haha.

Posing for a group photo after a very very filling meal.
Ya, so filling until you fell asleep. =.=

Check out their links for the full menu and other promotions!


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