Size DOES Matter!

Asians have always been the tiniest in the world in terms of physique. But being dubbed as small within that tiny is a whole different ballgame altogether.

Having been on the lowest end of the apparel sizing chart for almost all my life, I have experienced the banes of being one size too small for adult sizes and yet one size too large for kid sizes.

Ask most guys or girls on the street and you will find that the average ideal height of a guy would be around 1.75m. Well, I fall well short of this expectation, but in actual fact, I'm proud to say that I am only 1.65m and of small physique.

Here are some actual quotes that were personally directed to me during the course of my life...

1. When I wanted to try bungee jumping in New Zealand when I was in primary school: "Sorry, you are under the weight limit. We can't allow you to jump."

2. When asking a girl to be my 'stead' in secondary school: "It's kinda funny right? Your shorter than me..."

3. When shopping for clothes/shoes: "Sorry, that's the smallest size we have"

4. When asking another girl if she liked me: "I only treat you as a good friend. And you're smaller size than me, got no 安全感 (sense of security)"

5. Someone close to me once said this: "Actually, you're not small-sized. You're just short."

So if I may, lend me your ears and eyes as I tell my story and at the same time, try to find nooks and crannies in lil' old Singapore that actually have good stuff that caters to the minute community.

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