Phewtick: The Latest Craze in Town

Who doesn't like earning money? Here's a simple way to earn a quick buck or two.

Seems like phewtick is the latest mobile application trend happening in the iPhone and Android app market. [Sorry Windows/Nokia phone users!] What is it all about? Well, to put it in simple terms:

1. Meet people
2. Get them to install the mobile app if they don't already have it [What?? Which cave did you crawl out from?]
3. Scan their QR code from the app
4. Earn free money!!! *Ka-ching!* *Ka-ching!*

Not sure if it's true or not, but I've heard that there are slightly different versions for different countries, and the payouts are all in your local currency.

You can scan as many new friends that you meet, and friends who you have already scanned can be scanned again after 1 hour! Each scan earns you a random number of points and in Singapore, 10 points = $0.0155.

*Point to Note: Remember to change the application settings so that your facebook friends don't start unfriending you because you spam them with 5-10 meetup notifications every hour.*

Once you collect a minimum of SGD$30.00, you can cash it out to your PayPal account! Even though Phewtick takes a 15% cut of your earnings, it's still SGD$25.50 just for sitting around and playing with your phone!

Oh, by the way, you can even choose to donate your points to UNICEF or the Red Cross if you're feeling gracious!

The lowest point scan I've seen so far is 8 points [We really had a good laugh] and the highest I've personally got was 2,000+ points. [Huat ah!!] I've only been on it for 2 days and have already earned about SGD$7.00! And I'm not even that active on it!

I've also heard rumours that the highest jackpot on a single scan can reach up to 100,000 points! [That's equivalent to SGD$155.00 on a single scan!!]

*My colleagues and I have just "Punched-In" again, earning me $0.15 more*

As always, I always like to test the system, but it seems that they have all the mechanics worked out. You can't "share" your QR code online for mass points as:

1. Each QR code is a unique number assigned to that user only, and the QR code changes frequently
2. The application actually uses location services to check that you are physically near to the person you are scanning with

Although this kinda throws my plan out the window, but I still think it would be cool to wear a white printed Tee that reads "Phewtick me!" with a huge QR code printed on the front. [I'd probably end up on STOMP! the next day]

But being a natural sceptic, there's one thing that has been bugging me since I installed the application. How in the blue hell does their business model work?

The app currently does not have any advertisements [Either that, or they are damn good at making the ads look like part of the app], users don't need to 'do' anything that helps the company earn money.

Some people say that they collect user data from the facebook accounts and meetups and sell them to other companies looking for the data. But in order to collect a substantial amount of information to sell, they would first have to cough out enough money to pay the 10 million and 1 users already earning money from the app.

My only conclusion is that they must have some DEEP pockets.

Oh and another pet peeve that I have with the app:
Why do they use a kitty icon when puppies are obviously cuter? *Meow*

Opps. Time to "Punch In" again! "Team! Fall In!"

Check out their website here:
Get the iOS app from the app store here: phewtick iOS download
Get the Android app from Google Play here : phewtick Android download

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