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Singapore celebrates 20 years of healthy lifestyle with the 20th anniversary of our 
National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign.

As with many other titles, Singapore, with its elitist mindset, always aims to be top in everything. In a recent article published by, Singapore was ranked as the "World's Healthiest Country" based on a Bloomberg survey, surprisingly surpassing Australia and Japan. Read up on the full article here. Well, I guess I wasn't part of their surveyed results, since I haven't been exercising for almost 3 months.

Back in our tiny island, our Health Promotion Board has come up with a few new initiatives to motivate the tech-savvy generation [That's us!] to keep healthy amidst our hectic lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle Index

Ever wondered how healthy you really are? Did you know that 7 out of 10 humans think that they are healthier than they actually are? The good people at Health Promotion Board have come up with an interesting way to understand your own health. Just by answering 10 simple MCQ questions, you can get a rough gauge on how far up [or down] you are on the healthy ladder. Here's how:

1. Visit the online application at

2. Login with your facebook account [Come on, don't tell me you don't have a facebook account]

3. Fill in a short form on a few personal particulars [the only additional info I provided was my email address.]

4. Select a number on the gauge that corresponds to how healthy you think you are.

5. Complete 10 simple questions on your BMI, physical activity, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, sleeping habits, stress management, depression, social/emotional support and health screenings, and the system will tell you how healthy you actually are!

Oh, and for those of you who are afraid of your facebook friends knowing how unhealthy you are, fret not, as the application will only post on facebook that you are doing the survey, but will not publish your results until you tell it to.

But wait, there's more! After taking the test, the application will email you a report detailing what your ratings mean, as well as recommendations on how to improve those areas where you are lacking in. You can retake the test as many times as you like, but do take note that the report will only be based on your first test results and will only be recalculated based on the new results after 6 months. And not to worry, for those absent-minded humans who forget where they put their emails, the application allows you to resend the report based on the last reported results to your registered email address.

Ok, after ranting on for so long, here's my own result after taking the test:

*Drumrolls please*

A 6! That's not bad!

Hmmm...Not sure if I should be happy because my actual result is better than my perceived result, or sad because I have no confidence in my own health.

Some of the feedback that I got in the report seemed to be what my mum always told me:
[And up till today sometimes I still don't listen.]
"Boy ah, you are not sleeping enough"
"Boy ah, don't drink so much"
"Boy ah, eat your fruits and vegetables"

I guess sometimes it's true that mummy knows best.
What will your Healthy Lifestyle Index be?


In our fast-paced society today, everyone tends to look for information on the go. And most of the time, this means looking for information through their smartphones. The Health Promotion Board has caught on to this trend and has come up with their very own mobile application called healthyMEtv.

Apart from the mobile app, this platform is also available for viewing via any Internet connected device. The platform even has customised layouts to enhance the viewing experience on any of those devices, be it your computer, tablet, smart phone or even smart TV. And the best thing about this app? It's FREEEEEE!!
[This cheapo has never jailbroken his iPhone but has yet to spend a single cent on applications!]

You can find a vast array of health-related content ranging from 3-4 minute short videos educating you about various medical conditions, to full-fledged TV programmes on exercise, healthy eating and relaxation. You will find some familiar faces hosting these programmes such as Darren Lim and Nikki Muller, as well as well-being experts in the field such as Kristy Curtis and Dr Robert Sloan.

You is English no good? No worries, there's even content in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil too!

Here's a motivational video on how a chain smoker found his motivation to quit smoking.
[I wish some of my friends could find their motivation too!]

Or if you're an exercise freak, there's lots of videos on how you can improve your workout routine to suit your own body and fitness. Here's one on how to make full use of an exercise ball.
[If all else fails, at the very least it can be used as a bouncy seat!]

We check on our finances, on our families and friends, and even spouses online and on the go. So why shouldn't we do the same for our health?

For more information and videos, visit


Thanks to the humans from Health Promotion Board, we were treated to some "Healthier Choice" treats. Everyone knows bread is considered to be healthy food. But even healthy food can get healthier!

Did you know that BreadTalk has come up with some new and interesting bread recipes? Here are some of their new "Healthier Choice" concoctions:

Free Breakfast from BreadTalk!

First out of the bag... Chia Seed Toast

Chia seeds are known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They also help in providing your daily dose of calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

Next up... Pumpkin Seed Toast

For those of you with constipation problems... High Fibre Multigrain Toast 

Keeping in line with our healthy breakfast theme, it's time for some cooking with 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in a spray container!

The final product! Scrambled eggs with multi grain toast and supplement-boosted drink 

Nothing beats a yummy, healthy breakfast with your loved one!

Yummy! Kindly ignore the out-of-bed hair.

What? You don't like bread? Fear not my friend! In addition to the bag of toasts, we also got a special recipe book that teaches you how to cook the healthier twin of your everyday home-cooked dishes like Curry, Mee Rebus and Chicken Rice.

I think that leaving it in my hands would just be a waste of wonderful resources, since I only cook anything other than maggi mee like once in 725342 million years.

If you are keen on getting this cookbook, drop me an email at and I'll see how I can pass this healthy gem to you. Act fast because I only have 1 of it!

Note to self: You really REALLY need to start on your exercise routine again very soon! Losing shape already!

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