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Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts during the past few months. It's been really hectic trying to manage work and planning for the upcoming wedding. Luckily I have my dear Mint to share [most of] the wedding load with.

And on that topic, we have decided to "let our powers combine" and officially move both our blogs to www.WeAreOneFirst.com. What is oneFirst? Well, head on over to our new website to find out more! We will be sharing updates on our experiences and journeys together as a couple, while at the same time, still having our own space to blog about the things we love.

This blog will still be here, but updates will probably come few and far between. Who knows, I might even consider closing it down after a few years when the cobwebs get thicker than my old chinese dictionary.

In the meantime, please do check out www.weareonefirst.com! See you there!

Don't fall prey to online shopping scams

Just got a facebook message from one of my friends, sharing that there's a flash sale going today only, offering Ray-Ban sunglasses for just $31.17.

Sounds too good to be true? Yup. It definitely is.


Here are a few tips to save yourself from being cheated of your hard earned money from such scams.
[I am not going to put the website link in this post as we definitely do not want to give them more clicks]

At first glance, the website looks quite trustable, with the official Ray-Ban logo right at the top of the page. The entire design and layout of the site looks quite classy too.

So how did I know that it was a scam site? I didn't. But based on my sister telling me that it can't be the real deal gut instincts and a quick investigative effort, it became easy to see that this site was as real as Megazord appearing in the Pokemon series.

1. Look at the website URL
Any credible website would almost always have a credible looking website URL. [For the non tech-savvy, that's the website address in the address bar]

Ray-Ban's official website URL is "www.ray-ban.com" or "www.ray-ban.com/whateverCountryYouAreFrom". Most credible websites will have similar looking URL addresses with some or all of the following:

a) The brand name or campaign name spelt out in full
b) No grammatical or spelling mistakes
c) Ending with ".com" or ".com.sg" or ".com/sg" or something similar

Now the URL of this page was like a 14 yr o kid tokin on his fone. Evth was in short form. Not only that, the short-forms didn't even make sense. And it doesn't even have the word rayban in it anywhere.

Hmm... Spider-senses tingling. Scam-O-meter: *

2. Check out the webpage title
Pro-tip: If you put your mouse pointer over the tab [E.g. On the blue circle] and leave it there for a few seconds, the full title [The text in the red box] of the page will appear. Again, the title should typically have the 3 characteristics stated above.

Notice how in this short sentence there are already a couple of grammatical mistakes?

The alarm bells are getting ready to scream... Scam-O-meter: **

3. Compare the page with official pages
More often than not, scam pages don't put in too much effort in creating their own pages. Most of the time, they rather copy and paste from some official website that looks credible enough. Sure enough, I opened up the official Ray-Ban website and guess what?

Top of the official Ray-Ban website

Top of the scam site

Looks a little too familiar don't you think?

We know that this site is totally not related to the official Ray-Ban site because the URL is totally different. Then why is the layout, design and colour scheme almost exactly the same?

Things are getting quite sticky now. Scam-O-meter: ***

4. Take a look at their facebook page/website content
Since this entire promotion started from a facebook page, I did a little digging into their facebook event page. The page seemed pretty new, having only 3 posts so far, which, at the time of checking, were posted 6 hours, 5 hours and 6 hours ago.

But strangely, the text for all 3 posts were exactly the same! Ok, giving them the benefit of the doubt that their marketing person sucks, and is just using copy and paste to spam posts, but take a look at these photos in one of their status updates...

Not that I have anything against people of this race, but can somebody please tell me which part of these photos seem like a promotion for a charity sale for Ray-Ban sunglasses? Check out the hashtag too... #RayBanSunBurn. I'm quite certain if I were to search for this hashtag on Mr G, I'll find many other photos of the actual event these pictures were stolen from.

Time to prepare your eye plugs... Scam-O-meter: ****

5. Check out their payment pages
Ok. So let's just assume that they have a really bad marketing team, a really lazy website development team and an organisation-wide problem with proper English. The best tell-tale sign of a scam shopping site is on their payment portal.

I placed an item into my cart, and proceeded to their checkout page, of course, only providing them with fake contact details...

And the very first thing that hit me, was that that page was not even a secure and encrypted page!

If you are on a secure page, there will definitely be something on your address bar that tells you so. In chrome, it's this green block and the "https://" in front of the address.

But the payment page of this site did not have any of these. It was just a normal webpage. And they even had the audacity to put this at the bottom of the page...

Oh really... And while we're at it, don't you feel those images look a little blurry and out of focus? Let's zoom in for a closer look...

Wow. Looks like they really didn't have time to get the official marketing logos from these 'trusted vendors' due to the urgency of the flash sale. Or maybe they just took screenshots of the logos and pasted them on their site... I wonder...

Bee Doo! Bee Doo! Bee Doo! Scam-O-meter: *********

Internet shopping site scam alert!!

Of course, the last thing to do was to try to complete the purchase with fake information, just for the fun of it.

Well, at least they did 2 things right.
1. They managed to check that the 1st digit of a VISA card is always 4. [Globally known info]
2. They had a validation failure message after I clicked submit.

I'm quite certain they are using your card details to purchase items which would probably never be sent to you. Oh, and don't forget they even charged $20+ for shipping!

So now that you have been equipped with some anti-scam knowledge, I hope that you will never fall victim to online shopping scams.

Carlsberg celebrates 2016, Probably the Best Year Ever

It's just a couple more days to Chinese New Year 2016, where we usher in the year of the Monkey. And what better way to celebrate the new year than to break a new record?

This year, Carlsberg decided to put its brand name into the Singapore book of records by painting the longest Chun Lian [春联] or Spring Couplet. For the uninitiated, a Chun Lian is a traditional red decorative piece of cloth that usually has Chinese writings or poems expressing happiness and hopeful thoughts for the coming year. Chun Lians are typically only used during the Chinese New Year period to usher in prosperity and good fortune.

So just how long is the longest Chun Lian in Singapore? Read on to find out!

Carlsberg invited accomplished Taiwanese artist-calligrapher Christina Chen to paint a series of traditional 4-character greetings on an almost never-ending red scroll at Capitol Piazza. And I had the opportunity to witness it.

Everyone was tense with excitement while we waited for the start of the event. Luckily the good people at Carlsberg knew exactly how to calm our nerves.

An ice cold can of Carlsberg does wonders for jittery nerves.

And while we're waiting, why not take a selfie?

Soon, the emcee announced the arrival of Christina and kicked off the record-breaking event. But as with all great things, there are always obstacles to overcome. And in this case, because of the record-breaking length of the Chun Lian, it could not have been made of the usual calligraphy paper, as that would be easily torn.

So instead, the red scroll was made of a thicker cloth material. And during their trial tests, they discovered that cloth is not the best material to do ink calligraphy on, as the ink does not absorb well into the material.

But guess who [or what] came to the rescue? By mixing the ink with the golden brew that is Carlsberg, they managed to get a perfect blend of golden ink that would stick well on the red scroll!

Yes, you read right, that bowl of golden blessings that you see in the picture above is a mix of calligraphy ink and Carlsberg! Who'd ever thought that Carlsberg would make brilliant calligraphy ink?

So as Christina drew out multitudes of traditional 4-character Chinese idioms with her masterful strokes, the crowd gathered round to show their support and of course to snap some photos of this record-breaking scene.

The red scroll was so long, that they needed at least 6 helpers to shift the scroll once Christina was done with 1 section of the scroll. It was literally like a never ending river of prosperity.

Although it was an extremely long scroll, Christina completed painting the entire scroll in less than half an hour! And here's a shot of the completed Spring Couplet! All 16 metres of it!

Why 16? Well, apart from breaking a record, 16 [yi liu] also represents 2016, and also sounds similar to the Chinese characters "一流" [yi liu], which means excellence, top notch or simply the best. So in the spirit of excellence, Carlsberg has released four limited edition festive cans featuring festive greetings of "一流".

You'll be able to find them exclusively in 24-can cartons of Carlsberg, with each carton containing not more than 2 limited edition designs. So head on down to your nearest super and hyper markets during this celebratory period to collect all 4 of them!

And of course, no Chinese New Year celebration would be complete without a Lion Dance performance. So staying true to the Chinese New Year spirit, we were treated to a Lion Dance performance at the plaza before heading up Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant for a beer-infused lunch.

This was also where I took part in my very first Lo Hei for 2016, a Chinese tradition where the objective is to make a mess of the table. Just kidding. It's actually celebratory dish where the higher you lift the ingredients, the greater the growth of your fortunes.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at this insta-video...

A video posted by Minutemansg (@minutemansg) on

Also, check out this awesome Boiled Seafood Soup with Carlsberg beer dish that was prepared specially for us! It was really yummy and tasteful.

So cheers to one and all. And here's wishing everyone probably the best year ahead. May you enjoy prosperity and excellent fortune for the years to come! 20一流!!! HUAT AH!!!!

Cheeky Charades

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Recently I was involved in helping to plan some games for the N.E.mation! 10 wrap party with Mint Leong, and we thought that a 'simple' game of charades would be something fun to do. So our theme for this game was action phrases.

However, if you are as irritating as me, you would definitely want to think of some challenging phrases which would be really funny to watch the participants try to act out.

So with the help of some of my lame and pun-ny friends, here's a list of charade phrases [All PG safe] that came after the seemingly innocent example of "Throwing a ball"...

1. Counting Rice

2. Eating noodles with a spoon [contributed by Smith Leong]

3. Washing an elephant

4. Dancing on hot coal

5. Feeding your goldfish

6. Soccer with binoculars

7. Watching paint dry

8. Swimming with whales

9. Singing with the showerhead [contributed by Smith Leong]

10. Riding a unicycle

11. Swatting flies with newspaper

12. Building a tree house

13. Being afraid of mirrors

14. Juggling 7 durians

15. Flying a UFO

16. Washing Rapunzel's hair

17. Petting a flea

18. Singing while underwater

19. Reading a dictionary

20. Queuing for Hello Kitty

21. Playing Charades

22. Looking for big foot

23. Shouting at the TV [contributed by Smith Leong]

24. Rolling in mud [contributed by Ying Zi]

25. Fighting with chopsticks [contributed by Smith Leong]

26. Walking blind dogs [contributed by Smith Leong]

27. Drying wet tissue paper

28. Singing to birds

29. Washing ice cubes

30. Drinking goat's milk

31. Cooking Sambal Chilli [contributed by Mint Leong]

32. Dyeing leg hair

33. Watching a KPOP mv [contributed by Mint Leong]

34. Synchronised sleeping [contributed by Mint Leong]

35. Studying a food menu

36. Delivering a stamp

37. Arranging sand

38. Choosing pebbles [contributed by Mint Leong]

39. Buying money

40. Colouring comic books

Oh, and while we are on the topic of N.E.mation! 10, don't forget to check out my co-written posts on www.mintleong.sg about what our teams have been up to during the 2nd week of production!

Our first go at co-writing! N.E.mation! 10 is back again!

Having had the honor of being part of some of the previous seasons of N.E.mation!, I was obviously delighted when they offered me a chance to come back again as one of this year's ambassadors. 

N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organized by Nexus to express their thoughts on Total Defence using creative storytelling and animation! Having prior experience in animation, the finalists of all the pervious seasons of N.E.mation! Have been able to produce broadcast quality animation clips that were aired on free-to-air channels such as YouTube.

But this year, we are doing things a little differently. Instead of Mint and I taking 2 teams each, we are going to try something we have never done before. Co-writing! So I have become the back seat driver of Mint's blog www.mintleong.sg!

So we last week, we went down to Nanyang Polytechnic to met up with the students from our 2 teams, Team Cedar3 and Team ZLS. Read up what went down from the links below!

I went bald after following hair growth tips from Elegant Beauti!

*Please read disclaimer near the bottom of this post

This is a totally ridiculous review about hair loss. Read all the way to the end to find out why.

I've always been having trouble with my hair. It never had a healthy shine, was always short and spiky, and the strands were as thin as the rubber bands that are used to bundle my takeaway fried kway teow from the coffee shop below my place.

No, I'm not talking about the hair on my head. I'm referring to the locks under my underarms. But all that was going to change after I found this health and beauty website!

I was surfing aimlessly around the internet and happened to chance upon this health and beauty website called Elegant Beauti. And on their website, they had this post that boasted a miracle home treatment that was proven to help men solve all their hair problems!

No fancy medications, no expensive spa treatments, all I needed to do was do 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats and run 10 km every day!

Thinking that it was too good to be true, I decided to give it a go. And after just 4 days of forcing myself to finish this special exercise regime, I immediately started to see instant results! 4 luscious, long, thick and shiny strands of hair had popped out of my underarm out of nowhere!

Obviously I was ecstatic, and this instant results gave me more motivation to follow through the regime towards a future of thick, luscious bushes of underarm hedges under both my arms! For the first 2 weeks, strands of hair were sprouting up from my armpits like bean sprouts. But this was not meant to last...

From somewhere in the middle of my third week into the programme, I noticed that my armpit hairs started to fall off literally in batches of 20 or more. Just look at the photo of 2 of these batches! I could not believe what was happening! 

Out of desperation, I doubled the number of exercises suggested by the website from that day. Although I felt like I had just been ran over by a steam roller after every session, I know that this was for the best. Or so I thought...

One night, while I was casually standing in front of my camera waiting for something random but super interesting to happen, I suddenly felt a surge of strength from within. This feeling kept growing and growing until I could not keep it in any more.

I let out a thunderous shout which shattered all the glass windows of the buildings around me. All hairs on all parts of my body suddenly turned bright yellow in colour, and stood ends as the immense power escaped from my tiny body. There were even beams of bright yellow rays shooting out of the pores of my skin!

Everything happened so quickly and suddenly that I didn't have time to react. I only managed to capture this shot of the entire epic moment before the lens of my camera was shattered too...

And just as quickly and suddenly as it happened, within a couple of seconds, everything went back to normal. Well, almost everything. Instinctively, I rushed over to my mirror to check on my beloved hair. Only to find that I couldn't find a single strand of hair on my body except for my eyebrows! All the hair from my airpits, my head and even where the sun doesn't shine had disappeared!

That surge of yellow power must have burnt all my hair clean off my body, leaving me with a naked, hairless, pink but shiny bald head!

I was so angry that I punched the wall of my room. But the wall didn't move. That was because the entire block shifted 50cm from its original position. It was only then that I realised I had been blessed with something great. Something so powerful that even I could not imagine the results of wielding such power.

And that's how I became the hero that I am today. The hero that everyone calls...


Disclaimer: Believing the photos and comments posted above this disclaimer is like believing that I was the the Dad who discovered a cheap hair growth method that may bring down the hair transplant industry.

So the real reason for me posting this obviously fake post is to get back at this website that had used a photo that I had previously posted online, [without any source credits or approval from me] photoshopped in green splats on my forehead [again without any approval or attempt to contact me] and daringly use the photo as part of a facebook ad promoting their website.

I only got to know about this thanks to a heads-up from @lnelson via Twitter. [Thanks again Nelson!]

I immediately dropped the company a private facebook message [since they didn't have any official email address on their facebook or website] asking them to take down the ad.

Yes, I know i missed out point 4, but that's beside the point.

I waited for more than a day, and have not gotten any response from them up to now, so I decided to fight fire with fire. At first I was contemplating  if I should do a fake review on their product, but I realised that they are more of an health/beauty blog that has some shady clickbait links to more ads. [And not to mention their last post was on 13 July 2015]

So the only next logical thing that came to my mind was to do up this blog post to troll their website. Personally I have nothing against their website, but I am quite pissed about the fact that they used my photo [and photoshopped it to make the photo look relevant to their ad] without my permission as clickbait to their website.

I wouldn't even have minded if it was just a link to a blog post about "20 ways to style your hair" [at least that was relevant to my photo] and if they had credited the source of my photo properly.

But going out of their way to photoshop those green splats and saying that I am a dad? That's too much for even someone of my [non-existent] reputation to take.

Always remember to credit your sources and don't try to pass off other people's content as your own. You will get caught someday.

And no, I am definitely not a dad yet. [One Punchline Man strikes again!]

Life lessons from my favourite story: The Tortoise and the Hare

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Everyone has heard of this story. The story where a hare challenged a tortoise to a race, and because he got cocky and took a nap, ended up losing the race to his slow and steady competitor.

Well, almost everyone knows that this story is a motivational story. And indeed it is. Just that I don't see it the way most people see it. We encourage people that it's ok to go slow and steady, just as long as you don't stop. But in today's context, I believe that this story teaches a very different set of morals.

1. Slow and steady wins the race. Fast and steady wins the race.

Image taken from google search

We all know that the only reason why the hare lost the race is because he got complacent and took a nap under that tree. But had he been a hardworking and motivated hare and just sprinted all the way to the finish line, there is no way in hell that the tortoise would have ever managed to beat him.

So the moral of the story shouldn't be "Slow and steady wins the race", but "Fast and steady wins the race." And that is so true in today's society, where everything is moving at a blazing pace, as long as you are not fast enough, you can be sure that someone is going to overtake you.

2. Both talent and effort are equally important.
Many people always say that hard work beats talent. Well, as we can see from the corrected quote above, this is only true if talent doesn't put in enough effort. Take this chart for example.

The Hare does pretty well in the talent department when it comes to racing. Just that he didn't put in enough effort. But even so, he only just barely lost to the tortoise. Imagine if the hare had woken up just a little earlier, or just put in another 10-20% more effort, he would have still easily beat his slow and steady challenger.

So the moral of the story here is that in order to excel at something, you need to first know whether you have the talent for it. Yes, you can be good at it purely through hard work, but all it takes is for a talented hare with 30% effort to leave you eating his dust.

3. Choose the battles that you know you can win.

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The hare is actually a pretty cunning fella. He challenged the tortoise to a contest that he knew he would most probably win. He knew his talent, as well as his opponent's lack of talent, and chose a race which gave him a clear unfair advantage. The tortoise was probably just too dumb or too cocky to see it.

Why didn't the hare choose to compete in a "who can stay at this spot for the longest time" contest? Or even a "Who can take the most number of pebbles thrown at him" challenge? Because he was smart enough to know that racing would be the battle that would be easiest for him to win.

4. Luck is more important than you think.

Image taken from google search

After understanding the 3 lessons above, we can clearly see that the Hare was actually the real winner in the brains department. I attribute the tortoise's freak win to just pure dumb luck. Had the hare managed to wake up just a few minutes earlier, or had the tortoise tripped over an unseen rock just before the finish line, we wouldn't be telling the story the way we are telling it right now.

In singular events like this, lady luck plays a very important part in deciding the outcome. Heck, the hare could have been putting in 100% from the start of the race, but caught a cramp from the get-go, and Mr tortoise would have still won the race.

The power of lady luck only diminishes when the something is repeated enough times to cancel out the freak outcomes. Had they repeated the exact same race 99 more times, how many more races would you think Mr tortoise would have won?

Image taken from google search

The same goes for life in general. Unlike Mario, we don't get to "lose a life" and get a second chance to reply the entire scene again. Life is a sequence of "touch and go"s. Every chance you get in life is your only chance to do it under those current circumstances.

So have an open mind and make full use of every opportunity that life throws upon you. Find your talent and wow the world with it. Don't aim to be like the tortoise who never gives up. Aim to be the hare that puts in 100% effort, leaving his opponents in his dust.

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